Alonso: Strategic errors could be very costly this season

Fernando Alonso signs autographs in Melbourne

Fernando Alonso signs autographs in Melbourne

Many times in recent years Fernando Alonso and Ferrari have pulled the proverbial ‘rabbit out the hat’ and scored great results due to excellent race craft and shrewd strategy, which the Spaniard believes the reds can use in their favour once again this season while also warning that “errors will be punished”.

Speaking ahead of the season opening Australian Grand Prix, Alonso told members of the media, “It’s difficult to say what position we can end up with. What we do know is that with such complex cars there are many elements of strategy to get right.”

“If we manage it in the best way I believe a good result, points or even a podium will arrive almost inevitably. Having said that, strategic errors could be very costly this season. So we must stay 100 per cent concentrated from Friday morning to Sunday evening.”

Fernando Alonso starts his fifth season with Ferrari

Fernando Alonso starts his fifth season with Ferrari

On the all new V6 turbo generation Formula 1, Alonso explains, “What has changed is the sensation that you have at the wheel of the car. There’s an engine that supplies the power in a different way, which is impressive and has obliged us to adapt our driving style.”

“Race strategy will change, with many more parameters to keep under control, and there are more instruments that we can use on the car. But once the race starts, without doubt there will still be adrenaline, passing, tactics and tyre management, all more or less the same as before,” predicted Alonso.

In Melbourne this weekend the 32 year old Spaniard will be starting his 217th grand prix and looking to add to his 32 Formula 1 victories. (GP247)

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  • Nowhereman

    1st race will set the tone for the season.
    Ferrari will grab a ton of points in the 1st four races.