Marko: If our disastrous state does not change soon, I could not blame Vettel for thinking about a change

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Red Bull needs to up its game or risk losing Sebastian Vettel, admits Helmut Marko, as quadruple reigning world champion Vettel prepares to either retire or finish outside the points as the 2014 season kicks off this weekend in Melbourne.

Marko admitted to Bild newspaper: “If our disastrous state does not change soon, I could not blame him for thinking about a change.”

Vettel, 26, sat down with his mechanics in Melbourne on Tuesday for his traditional pre-season dinner, where he named his uncompetitive RB10 car an unspectacular ‘Suzie’.

Marko told Sport Bild magazine: “After the test in Bahrain, we would be happy if we finish in the points in Australia.

Sebastian Vettel did not have a happy preseason

Sebastian Vettel did not have a happy preseason

“We know that we have a good car,” he added, “but we’ll only know if the engine is good if we get it to work properly. The decisive factor is the new software that our engineers wrote for Renault.”

But for now Vettel is taking the situation in good spirits, saying ahead of Melbourne, “It’s great to be starting the season next week. We didn’t do as much running as we would have liked in testing this year, so we have work to do in Melbourne, but it will be good to get to the first race.”

“It’s hard to know where we are; it’s fair to say that we’re not the favourites to win and we have to catch up with others that have completed more mileage, but we’ll do our best with the great people that we have working for the team.”

“We have achieved a lot together and I know everyone is working flat out as normal,” added the world champion. (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    Dont worry Helmut he would never leave you. Who else will defend him?


    Unless he has “a get out of jail free card” in his contract, he will have to be there until 2017.
    It is the legandary Newey. Fingerman should take it as a gap year if they do not get back to the front this year. The RB11 might be the car to beat again next year.

  • makaveli-313

    They, drivers of his “calibre”, usually have a ‘uncompetitive clause’ in their contracts. I think this would be his way out. The question I think isn’t if he could get out of RBR but where would he go? were he to….

  • Ambientereal

    He never said Seb wishes to leave, only that he would not blame him if (conditional) Seb wanted to leave.

  • bobmendon


  • Mark

    Don’t fret Vettel, I sincerely hope RBR will sort out their problems by the last race of 2014 , if not perhaps by the end of 2015,..what’s the rush ?

  • haloguy628

    “Dont worry Helmut he would never leave you. Who else will do dirty tricks for him?”

    There. Fixed it for ya.

  • haloguy628

    We will finally see if he is as good as the hype or if it was all just because of superior car. He will be right in the middle of the pack and behave this year instead of taking off and be five seconds ahead of everybody after two laps.