Lauda annoyed by constant Schumacher rumours

Niki Lauda with Michael Schumacher

Niki Lauda with Michael Schumacher

Niki Lauda has admitted to being annoyed and saddened by the constant, unofficial reports of Michael Schumacher’s medical condition.

While official news is scarce, publications continue to speculate about the great seven time world champion’s health and prospects in the wake of his late December skiing crash and resultant coma.

“Unfortunately, at the moment there is no news,” triple world champion and Mercedes Formula 1 Chairman Lauda told the Austrian broadcaster ORF.

“But the reports are constantly appearing, and it saddens me because every day I wait for some encouraging news that the situation is beginning to improve,” he said.

“Recently it was reported that Michael can breathe on his own, which would be great news but then it turned out to be wrong,” said Lauda, who is still scarred from his near-fatal Nurburgring crash in 1976.

“I am annoyed by these reports,” he admitted. “Nevertheless, we are all waiting for better news.” (GMM)

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