Formula 1 will not boycott Russian GP says Lauda

An aerial view from a helicopter shows the Olympic Park under construction in the Adler district of the Black Sea resort city of Sochi

Niki Lauda has dismissed suggestions that Formula 1 should boycott October’s inaugural Russian Grand Prix.

Amid the escalating crisis in the Crimean peninsula, it has been suggested that part of the sanctions against Russia’s behaviour should be to scrap the new Vladimir Putin-sponsored Formula 1 race in Sochi.

Even after the Ukrainian situation worsened, president Putin met with Bernie Ecclestone in Sochi and said that the Formula 1 race would be “a bright, beautiful addition” hot on the heels of a successful winter olympics.

When asked if Russia’s sanctions should include a boycott of its grand prix, Mercedes’ Formula 1 Chairman Lauda answered: “That is completely pointless.

“All those responsible have decided that we are [going to be] racing there,” he told German television RTL, “so in this case we have an obligation, and that extends to Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA.” (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    Of course it will go ahead. Bernie would turn a blind eye to a Putin invasion and massacre if it meant keeping his finders fee. The good thing about being old and senile you only have to see what you want to see and with Bernie its nothing but dollar symbols. (and Red Bull)

  • Barlow

    Bernie will fit right in with the Russian Oligarchs, they all speak the same language!! Money talks, and bullshit walks!!

  • Michel Weij

    Shame on you Bernie!

  • F1Novice

    To be honest – what we see on UK TV is pure Western Propaganda – if you can receive it flick over to RT the Russian News Channel and watch for an hour….you get a completely different perspective ….. not that most of that isn’t Propaganda as well – I think we are fed it from both sides and the real story is lost in the fog of this phony war.

  • Rick

    Well, wonder how Bernie will handle the cancellation of the Austin race if he decides to keep the Sochi race on the schedule.