Red Bull may give up on 2014 chase very early claims Trulli

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Formula 1 World Champion team Red Bull may switch its focus to the 2015 season within weeks if it thinks this year’s title is lost and not recoverable.

That is the view of ex Formula 1 driver Jarno Trulli, who told Italy’s Il Giornale newspaper that the Milton Keynes based team is a long way behind its rivals for the start of the new turbo V6 era.

“Red Bull made a mistake with the design of its machine, but they will cope,” the 39-year-old said. “The team is seriously behind its opponents.”

“If in a couple of months they have not caught up, I think that they will switch the preparations to next season and use the race weekends as tests,” he said.

Meanwhile, Trulli admitted he is no big fan of the ‘new’ Formula 1, where each driver will have to use a limited amount of fuel in order to reach the chequered flag.

Asked if he likes the ‘new’ Formula 1, he answered: “No. I like the Formula 1 where the driver takes the maximum from the car all the time.” (GMM)

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  • KevinW

    Not one wheel turned in the actual 2014 season and the predictions of an RB10 write-off are already being inked? Amazing. Of course, it completely ignores that the age of large bumps in F1 performance are over under the 2015 budget cap and the stabilization that demands. The 2015 cars will be virtually unchanged from 2014, so any and all effort from all teams is by definition preparation for 2015. Using more of his brain, Trulli would see that any team that struggles in 2014 will stay hard in the game to the last race, developing the car continually – because, should they fail to catch up in 2014 are doomed going into 2015 against those that succeed. What to look for is the vectoring of improvements by all teams. For example, if Red Bulls trajectory is strong (catching up quickly), that momentum will be built on over the winter and continued into 2015, even if they fall down the order in 2014 total points. If not, they will start 2015 behind, as there are no big changes like this season to shift the grid for anyone. So, if there is some demon tweak, new chassis (or whatever) required to make this happen, it won’t be wasted on Friday test days, it will be brought out and raced as it is completely relevant to 2015.


    It is early speculation. Hope Trulli does not become like JV now. Harvering around in site of cameras and microphones.
    If they catch up to the front runners they will still be behind pace in the development race. (like Mclaren and lotus of the past few years possible occasional winners)
    If they stop the RB10 development early and work on the RB11, did they learn enough or learn as much as the front runners to design into the RB11.
    Where will the W06’s and F15T’s development be come December.

    Way to early to speculate. Way to early.

  • Tamburello1994

    If’s and but’s . . . . .

    Enlightened speculation: Thanks for that, Jarno. . . . Our next caller is “Jacq” from Montreal . . .

  • nakagoli

    What a ridiculous comment by Jarno. RBR wont give up that easily. Further, as 2015 car will be basically the same, development of the 10 HAS to continue, or else they would be even further behind next year!