Maldonado: Everything feels good and I think the potential of the E22 is huge

Formula One Testing, Day Two, Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, Bahrain, Friday 28 February 2014

Enstone debutant Pastor Maldonado is focused and determined to extract the very best possible in his first race for Lotus F1 Team, when the red lights go out to signal the start of the season opening Australian Grand Prix, and with it the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship season.

How’s the relationship evolving at your new home in Formula 1?
Maldonado: Everything feels good and it’s going in the right direction. Even though there are a lot of resources and people, it feels so close knit and efficient. I like the team and I already have a good relationship with everyone I am working with. Hopefully it will get better and better during the year. For sure we are in a difficult moment because we didn’t run enough with the car in pre-season testing, but you can feel that the team are fully focussed on working hard to solve problems quickly. I’m looking forward to attacking and being competitive as soon as possible and right through to the end of the season.

What do you think of Australia?
Maldonado: It’s a great country and Melbourne is a wonderful city. It’s just great. I always love races that are close to the city because you have more people coming and it really feels like you are involved and part of their life for the short time that you are there. There are all the benefits of the city to appreciate and the fans really get behind the event. It’s maybe one of the best races of the year.


What are your thoughts after pre-season testing?
Maldonado: Obviously I would have like to have had more laps! These are very complicated cars and Formula 1 should be about pushing the boundaries and developing new technology so it is very exciting. Maybe we have lost a bit of the great noises from the engine, but still they are powerful cars and a challenge to drive. It’s certainly going to be a spectacle, just as we had last year or maybe even better. For sure we need to keep running and keep adapting ourselves to the new rules, which are extremely different but this is something that just needs time.

What about the E22 and its potential?
Maldonado: I think the potential of the E22 is huge. We just need to work harder than the other teams, even though time is against us. I think the car is good and it will only get better. We need to put everything together and try to get 100 percent from the team, car and me from a driving point of view. All is possible at the moment and we are very optimistic to progress and get back to the top.

What are the challenges of Albert Park?
Maldonado: To be honest I love the track. The main challenge is that the track surface changes a lot over the weekend, especially from Free Practice to Qualifying. The drivers and engineers need to try to predict how the track is going to evolve, especially for Qualifying as this is crucial for the final position on Sunday.


How difficult is it going into the first race with so much that is unknown?
Maldonado: It is exciting. It will be especially demanding for the team. I think all the drivers will have to work more closely with their teams than in previous years on every aspect inside and outside the car. We have been working a lot in the simulator, and even though it is just a simulation we learn a lot from this. Communication will be essential to have a good race – managing the fuel, the tyres, the settings on the steering wheel, the engine, power recovery, power delivery and so on. It will be very demanding to concentrate and focus on the many different aspects in the car, as well as the actual driving of these new generation Formula 1 cars.

What could be possible in Albert Park?
Maldonado: Everything is possible. Especially because there are so many variables this season, particularly in the early races. We just need to stay calm and keep focused. It is not an ideal situation for many of the teams, but we just need to work together to improve. I have a lot of confidence in everyone at Enstone and everyone from Renault Sport F1 involved with the Power Unit too. Everyone has solved problems in the past so helpfully we can have quick answers that solve the issues we face now. This will be very important in terms of our performance and showing our potential. I’m feeling optimistic for our new challenge in 2014.

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  • Ramona Romania

    What will it be in Australia?

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    Circuit characteristics

    Length of lap

    Number of laps

    Race distance

    1st place on the grid
    leaves from the left side of the circuit

    Fastest lap in the race
    1’24.125 Michael Schumacher in 2004

    Fastest lap
    1’23.529 Sebastian Vettel in 2011

    Maximum speed

    DRS zones
    First and second straight line

    Distance from the start to the first turn

    Cars requirements

    Maximum acceleration

    The longest period of acceleration

    Aerodynamic downforce

    Speed changes per lap

    Fuel used per lap

    Gain per lap by fuel consumption

    Most wins: Michael Schumacher – 4
    Here is all:

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    GO MALDONADO!!!!!!!!
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