Experts say 55kg Schumacher complete recovery now unlikely

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More experts have warned that the familiar Michael Schumacher we all know is probably forever gone.

Britain’s respected Telegraph newspaper recently cited sources in reporting that the Formula 1 legend’s family has been told by the medical team at Grenoble that, ten weeks into his coma, “only a miracle” will save him now.

The chief doctor at a rehabilitation hospital in Basel, Switzerland, told Sonntagsblick newspaper: “The likelihood of a complete recovery for Schumacher is constantly lower.”

“The famous, laughing, fast Schumi will probably not be seen again,” coma specialist Mark Mader added.¬†“The longer someone is in a coma, the less well the brain can recover. When [Schumacher is] awake, severe damage is likely to remain.”


Mader also defended those experts who have been speculating about Schumacher’s condition and recovery, despite criticism.

“What is really the case with him, no one knows,” he said. “Not even his medical team. The speculation is ultimately the prognosis.”

According to Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, tests at the Grenoble hospital have shown that Schumacher, 45, is not paralysed.

But there are also reports the great German, who weighed about 75kg at the time of his skiing crash in the French alps, has lost twenty kilograms in hospital.

Schumacher’s last Formula 1 teammate, Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg, told an interview with Playboy magazine that reports of his countryman’s condition are affecting him, as he knew the seven time world champion well.

“But I think that, if anyone can do it, it is Michael, with his will to fight,” said Rosberg. (GMM)

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  • KevinW

    In cases like this, I feel that there should be a professional ethic that prevents speculation of an individuals personal health and condition from being reported as news. This collection of negative prognosticators, who have no actual direct knowledge at all, is in poor taste at best and utterly morbid. Schumacher and his family deserves better than to be victims of gossip rag speculation. Can you imaging how they must feel as the focus of such drivel? Report the facts as released by the family -the rest is irrelevant media blather spewed by those who have no ethics or heart.

  • nakagoli

    I quite agree. There are so many self proclaimed experts out there, all with their own opinions, and all looking for their 5 secs in the limelight, that they only cause confusion.

  • Timothy

    I strongly agree with KevinW!!! You nailed it exactly! I am sure the millions out there who care for Schumi agree. I know I do.