No fifth world title for Vettel in 2014 predicts Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve believes that Sebastian Vettel’s run of successive Formula 1 World Championship titles is “definitely over”.

“He’s not going to win this year for sure,” the French Canadian who was the 1997 F1 World Champion, who is set to return to the Indy 500 this year at the age of 42, is quoted by Italian publications including Autosprint and La Repubblica.

“To me, Renault seems completely lost and unable even to finish a grand prix.

“Even if  Red Bull are making a new car for the European races it won’t change anything — maybe they’ll do 30 laps instead of 15. It’s not the car but the engine.

“I’m joking, but why bother going to Australia? They can’t do half a grand prix, and are slower than most.

“Williams now has the Mercedes power unit, and it’s only because of that they’re doing so well.

“It’s good for [Felipe] Massa, because he was finished, and for a few years didn’t even seem like an Formula 1 driver. I think that shows just how good his car is.

“We’ll have to see if they also have the money to develop the car.”

Beyond that, however – and Mercedes’ obvious advantage – the former Williams and Honda driver is not entirely sure what will happen in 2014, as Formula 1 undergoes its technological revolution.

“I don’t know if it will be a great championship. It could even be funny,” said Villeneuve, “because in Australia we could see a Marussia on the podium.”

He thinks that Kimi Raikkonen’s move from Lotus to Ferrari for this year, even though he will be partnered by the excellent Fernando Alonso, was a good one.

“For the first time, I see him working seriously. Maybe his year without pay was good for him,” said Villeneuve.

“Alonso is a fighter from the first lap and so he might use too much fuel,” he explained. “It also depends on the attitude that he has.

“The Alonso of 2012 could win this year, but not the Alonso of 2013.”

Villeneuve also predicted a tough season for confused spectators, and thinks that Formula 1 has missed some obvious opportunities to spice up the action.

“The fuel limit is a good idea,” he is quoted by La Repubblica, “but it should be the drivers saving fuel and not the electronics.”

Villeneuve admits thatMercedes is the obvious 2014 favourite, but said the Brackley squad’s weakness is the driver lineup.

“Hamilton and Rosberg are not friends,” he said, “but to me it seems entirely too flat, without a spark. It has to be tougher than that between teammates.”

And unlike Red Bull, Villeneuve says that Ferrari cannot be written off yet.

“At the moment it’s not the best car, but it’s not so far back,” said Villeneuve. “They can recover. We’ll know much more after five races.” (GMM)

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  • War

    Why do you give this bald headed clown the air time. When (not if) he fails at Indy, please can you gives us as much coverage of this as you seem to allow him in giving his useless views!

  • War

    He’s a Hack!

  • M.M

    no shit

  • =El Presidente=

    yeah, i agree, he is a totally used up has-been. spews out some sick every now and then. not to be taken seriously.

  • McLarenfan

    Talk about a bitter twisted clown, he is throwing all his knives at people who have got past him on track, he is not even worthy of being called a has been as he never was. I remember when Jenson joined BAR this idiot stated publicly that he didn’t rate Jenson and he needed to prove to him he was worthy of joining the team. Jenson couldn’t see him in his rear view mirror in the first race he was so far ahead. Go dye your hair JV.

  • hahaha

    Hahaha all your useless comments about Jacques, he couldn’t care less. He is a world champion as “the son of” which is even harder. He won Indy, almost won Le Mans. What did you all accomplish so far? For what it’s worth, Vettel will take a title more with Red Bull. I even predict he will win titles with both Mclaren and Ferrari. Maybe he’ll even drive for Frank one day and do it there too. In records he will become the greatest. I was a fan of the first hour when he took points in his first race in Indianapolis. Since he drove for Red Bull I liked him less. But I think Vettel would have taken the 2010 and 2012 title if he was in the Ferrari too. He is better than Alonso, for his age he has more composure and backbone than Alonso in his 30ies. I don’t think he’ll ever drive for Merc even if Lauda keeps whining. I even doubt Merc will still be in F1 by then.

  • Boycottthebull

    Wow thats some pretty moronic stuff coming out of the mouth of someone who should know better. No point going to Australia because they have no hope? With Renault claiming it needed more testing surely the only way to improve by the Euro races is to get as much actual race data as you can. Fuel restrictions a good thing? This is racing and premier racing at that. Race cars use more fuel than anything so it ridiculous to limit them and slowing the racing even further. They have the solar challenge for that stuff.