Massa: To see Mercedes at work made an impression on me


Felipe Massa has admitted he has been impressed with Mercedes power after switching from Ferrari for the 2014 F1 World Championship.

It is the first time in his Formula 1 career the diminutive Brazilian has not been powered by a Ferrari engine.

The Mercedes team, and its customers McLaren, Force India and Massa’s new employer Williams, are tipped to lead in 2014 with a superior ‘power unit’ for the new turbo V6 regulations.

“I went to the [Mercedes] factory and I was impressed,” Massa is quoted by La Repubblica.

There are reports that Mercedes has come out so strong in 2014 because the German carmaker has invested four times more money than Ferrari.


“I don’t know whether it is four times, [as much]” Massa said, “but definitely to see them at work made an impression on me.”

However, he denied that he deliberately shopped for a Mercedes-powered team for 2014.

“No, but with a regulation change that is about the engines, you know that [Mercedes] know what they are doing.

“And from the moment I arrived at Williams I felt very wanted, which is a fantastic feeling.”

Massa’s last comment seems to confirm earlier speculation that he no longer felt loved at Ferrari.

Felipe Massa 1

“I will not speak badly of Ferrari,” he insisted. “I was there many years and I lived some beautiful moments. And some very bad ones as well.”

He does not hide that Hockenheim 2010, when he was told ‘Fernando [Alonso] is faster than you’, was the low point.

“They did not let me win a race that I deserved,” said Massa. “It was not just the team order that hurt me, but the fact that I had come back from a very bad accident. It would have been very important to me.”

Asked if he often behaved ‘too loyally’ to Ferrari, he admitted: “Yes, maybe I did. But now it’s the past and it doesn’t matter. I remember the wonderful years at Ferrari, and the friendships with many people.”

Massa, 32, said he thinks that Mercedes has the best 2014 car, and when asked ‘Hamilton or Rosberg’, he answered: “Rosberg.”

But when asked who he would put money on for the title, Massa grinned: “I don’t like talking about myself…” (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    Massa is a Briton now? Really?

  • lulu

    Rosberg or Hamilton, so Massa has gone with Nico. Massa needs to get over 2008, Lewis has forgotten being taken out in GP’s a few times in 2011

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    classic GP247-sometimes I think they just write stuff to generate comments..

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    “Dimunitive Briton” – really?

  • hahaha

    He was and is still loved by most tifosi and neutral f1 fans, just like Kimi. More than they will ever love Alonso, that’s for sure.