Magneti Marelli: In Melbourne, it could happen that no cars see the finish line

Start of the 2014 F1 season will  be in Melbourne

Start of the 2014 F1 season will be in Melbourne

It is possible that every single car will fail to finish Sunday’s season-opening Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park, in Melbourne.

That is the claim of Roberto Dalla, the head of Formula 1 electronics supplier Magneti Marelli.

He told Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport that the electronics of the cars have become much more complicated in 2014, without a corresponding increase in the amount of pre-season testing.

“Last year,” said Dalla, “there was a single unit made by McLaren that was the brain of every aspect.

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Roberto Dalla with Remi Taffin

“But now it only has control of a portion, and the underlying challenge is to be able to operate like an orchestra the engine, the turbo, the recovery systems.

“To find the right solutions will take another two to three months,” he claimed.

“Doing it during three winter sessions with only 12 days in total was a real mission impossible.

“In Melbourne, it could happen that all the cars do not see the finish line, because every team experienced serious problems in testing,” Dalla added. (GMM)

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  • Jerry Holloway

    Is this guy being serious? It’s also possible they could all fail to even start or perhaps all the drivers could be kidnapped and held for ransom prior to the race. I mean, honestly, several teams did race simulations and race-distance runs. There will be attrition, no doubt, but it’s likely at least half the field will finish.

  • Mudar Bahri

    Maybe the teams who have succeeded to simulate the race will have different types of troubles like accidents .. so the possibility of no car finishes the race was never higher than this season’s opener, and this is what I believe Dalla meant

  • Macstar

    We endured a long save tyres season, now we have to endure a save fuel season. Bummer! Even worse, it could be a save tyres and fuel season!

  • Nowhereman

    Actually, having every car fail to finish could be a good thing.
    IT would force the FIA to scrap this ridiculous formula and go back to something of intellegence.

  • Francois Duminy

    Any bets on Massa winning for Williams…!

  • RBC

    This is the first time that teams have had massively new engines without pre-season testing to ensure they work. It is a real risk, even if it is small.

  • Jerry Holloway

    True, but I think it is small to the point of comedy. While the amount of testing certainly is curtailed under the current regs, they did get in three weeks of work – certainly enough to find out who has a reliable package (Mercedes, particularly the factory team) and who doesn’t (Renault, particularly Red Bull).

  • RBC

    What they found out is that all the teams had engines dying even after 3 weeks of testing. So that is why there is a real risk that no one finishes in Melbourne.