Grosjean secures Richard Mille contract

Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean

Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean has become a brand ambassador for luxury watchmaker Richard Mille.

The Frenchman, who currently drives for Lotus, joins fellow Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa as a Richard Mille ambassador, as well as tennis star Rafael Nadal, sprinter Yohan Blake and golfer Bubba Watson.

Grosjean’s watch of choice will be the RM 011, a watch with a strap so strong Richard Mille says it will be able ‘to resist being torn off at the high speeds imposed by’ Formula 1.

Grosjean will be seen sporting the watch, to be branded in Lotus colours, when he arrives in Australia for the opening race of the F1 season, on 16th March.

Richard Mille entered the F1 market last May when it signed a two-year deal to become the official timing partner of Grosjean’s Lotus team. (Sportspro Media)

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  • Tamburello1994

    Hey Romain, Talk to your new suitors about getting Bianchi a new watch.

  • Mellow Jessica

    It’s certainly a pricey timepiece, at $70-80kUSD, and a double flyback chronograph movement sounds complex, but I’m not sure on the aesthetics, especially the heavy red.

    What do you think? (2 pics front and back of case and strap here)

  • RetroRaceCars_ninjamonk

    I imagine they have already replaced it

  • ninjamonk

    I imagine they have already replaced it

  • McLarenfan

    Obviously his will be black and gold and to be honest at that price i would expect it to make my morning tea and bring me the paper. It looks good though and better than some out there that cost more than the average house.

  • Mellow Jessica

    Hi. If you follow the link I posted, they publish front and caseback images of the actual RG model, I’m not sure if you’re saying “obviously it will be black and gold” b/c you don’t realize that it’s black and gold and red or think that I object to the black and gold (which I don’t) when that’s the Lotus color scheme (plus red for PDVSA this year).

    Anyway, I’m just not sold on the red band and think it should’ve been black…but such is the luxury of internet commentary…

  • Mellow Jessica

    [note: PHOTO of actual RG-model NOW attached!]

    Here are the specs, translated from French, below.

    I wonder if the 30 units (or 28-29, I guess, once you discount for RG’s allocation) have to be pre-sold before they commit to a deal like this, or if it’s more likely they have artisans who make RG his own unique version of the watch (which I think other athletes and celebrities have individually-branded versions of…) and then they push out additional copies as-needed, but only after they’re sold? Idk how that all works.

    Do they make the 30 all at once, or just-in-time?



    Limited edition of 30 copies (s)


    Material: Carbon Red Gold

    Dimensions: 50 mm x 42.7 mm

    Thickness: 16.40 mm

    Background: Sapphire

    Water resistance: 50 m


    Type: Mechanical with manual winding

    Power reserve: 70 hours

    Frequency: 21,600 vib / h



    Color: Black

    Finish: Sapphire


    Hours, Minutes


    Sensor G


    Material: Rubber

  • McLarenfan

    Jessica I apologize I did a search the same after reading your reply and It had close up photos showing the screen with the lotus badge and I agree with the red band and little red bit around the winder It looks cheap it throws all the class of the time piece out of the window and makes it look like something a 19 year old would wear when trying to get in to clubs on a Saturday night..

  • Mellow Jessica

    ah ok, thanks for clarifying!

    you’re funny, too, what you said about how for that price the watch should prepare your morning brew and fetch the paper. I had a vision of a little animated RM/RG-model watch w/ arms and legs scurrying about the kitchen and then dashing out the front door to retrieve the paper. lol


  • McLarenfan

    Thank you Jessica, I will now have that thought in my head all day. john