Williams announces partnership with Esquire magazine

Williams Martini Racing 2014 Team Launch, London, England, Thursday 6 March 2014.

Press Release: In a media first for Esquire, the UK’s most stylish and sophisticated men’s magazine brand published by Hearst Magazines UK has partnered with Williams Martini Racing in a unique campaign that will see the British male lifestyle title appear on the team’s Formula One racing car.

The one year ground-breaking partnership comes at the start of an exciting new chapter in the history of Williams, with Esquire handing over its iconic logo to add an element of sartorial style to the brand new Williams Mercedes FW36 car. Throughout the entire Formula One season the Esquire brand will be featured on the rear wing endplate of both Williams’ cars.

The team’s hugely anticipated new car livery was unveiled yesterday in London at Williams’ 2014 official team launch.

Additional partnership activity will include the creation of curated content supplemented across Esquire’s multiple platforms, including print, tablet (Esquire Weekly), online (www.esquire.co.uk) and via social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The May issue of Esquire (on sale 3 April) will dedicate a double page spread to the technical excellence and design elegance of the new Williams car. In addition, over the season there will be in-depth diaries from both team drivers, Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas, following their progress over the 19 Grand Prix races which kicks off in Australia on 16 March, and includes races in the UK, Monaco, Brazil, China, Russia and the US.

To underline Hearst Magazines UK’s support for the campaign, promotional activity and bespoke editorial content will also run across selected print and digital properties as well as dedicated social media platforms.

Esquire Editor Alex Bilmes says, “Esquire has always championed British brands that contribute to and inspire our rich cultural landscape, which is why we’re delighted to partner with Williams, an iconic brand that has produced some of motor racing’s greatest ever drivers.”

Hearst Magazines UK Group Publishing Director Ella Dolphin says, “This unique partnership with Williams enables us to bring the Esquire brand to life for millions of readers, digital followers and consumers across the globe. The campaign demonstrates the collaborative approach we favour when working with our clients and we’re proud to be part of Williams’ team, to not only celebrate a new chapter in its racing history but also in the development and expansion of the Esquire brand.”

Sir Frank Williams, Founder and Team Principal of Williams, added, “Esquire is a premium brand with global reach and a strong history of excellence. This new partnership is very exciting for Williams as it will give us the opportunity to showcase our story in some of the world’s leading publications and work with Hearst Magazines UK’s respective editorial teams on exciting content for readers. For Hearst UK, Formula One is an ideal global marketing platform and we are looking forward to helping the Esquire brand reach new audiences this season.”

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  • McLarenfan

    It appears when those cards start coming your way again they come with avengeance, I stopped supporting Williams after they dropped Damon Hill for Heinz Harald Frentzen to race along side Jacques Villeneuve, the HHF deal was because Michael Schumacher had the deal with Ferrari and Frank had the information that HHF had beaten Michael several times and had a grudge against him for stealing Corine but we all know that was a bit of a downer for them bit I still have a soft spot for Williams and hope their fortune changes.

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    It’s crazy what a few decent lap times, coupled with the seemingly inevitable debacle of RBR, will do to attract sponsors again. Say what you will, but when a single driver dominates the sport, no one cares about it, and it becomes a vicious circle. Less money, less development, less results, rinse and repeat.
    But the current pre-season seems to have shown a resurgence a Williams (notice I said «seems»… I’m not convinced yet), and the fact that companies can now sponsor a car that they do NOT know will finish a distant 10th is appealing to them. Regardless of whetehr or not Williams wins races again this year, these sponsorship mean one thing : more money. Therefore, if they have a solid base, they can keep developing it (unlike Sauber in recent years, who would start strong, then fall off the pace once the better-funded teams would catch up).