Schumacher now breathing without respirator

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is now breathing without the aid of a respirator, according to a report in the authoritative La Gazzetta dello Sport.

It is a significant possible development in the seven time world champion’s situation, more than nine weeks into his coma following a skiing fall in late December.

The Formula 1 legend’s manager Sabine Kehm issued an official statement on Friday, warning that any unofficial information about Schumacher’s condition is “not valid”.

“Michael is still in the wake up phase,” the official statement added. “The situation has not changed.”

But the Gazzetta article was penned by the highly respected correspondent Pino Allievi, and at the Geneva motor show, Kehm indicated that Schumacher’s overall situation has improved.

“Michael is out of danger,” she reportedly said, “but the condition is still serious and so it is difficult to say all the risks are gone.

“But it is clear that his condition is no longer as sensitive as at first.”

Allievi, meanwhile, wrote that while Schumacher’s children have now returned to school, Schumacher’s close friends such as Jean Todt and Ross Brawn are alternating at his bedside and speaking to the great German in English, as they did during their ultra-successful Ferrari days.

The report said that during these visits, at which recordings of pit radio conversations and Formula 1 engine sounds are played in order to stimulate his memories, the expression on Schumacher’s face sometimes changes.

And when the doctors are in the room, Schumacher reportedly often grimaces, or his arms move. (GMM)

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    I wish him all the best. But let’s be realistic here… The Schumacher we all knew is pretty much gone.

  • Wendy Oxley


  • hahaha

    I knew there was hope the day I read that Felipe said he saw his mouth moving when he was talking to him. Hopefully this news will be confirmed. If he breathes on his own again it means his family can start breathing again too. It must be so hard not knowing what to think, hope for, expect,…

  • hahaha

    At this stage the Michael his family knew is far more important than the Michael we “knew”. Don’t get me wrong. Michael and Ayrton were my childhood heroes together with Gretzky, Zidane, the real Ronaldo and Baggio. But most of us are not that lucky to know the man behind the athlete. Sad enough I wasn’t born yet to admire the other great craftsmen in their sport, Gilles Villeneuve, Jim Clarke and Mané Garrincha.

  • Mellow Jessica

    The Formula 1 legend’s manager Sabine Kehm issued an official statement on Friday, warning that any unofficial information about Schumacher’s condition is “not valid”

    SO where are all the people now to criticize GP24/7 for encouraging more “harmful” “speculation” by publishing details of other media reports that are directly rejected as being “not valid” by Schumacher’s manager and chief suppressor-of-news?

    If Kehm says reports of MS breathing unassisted are “not valid” then surely that must be taken to mean that he remains in a persistently vegetative state with no sign of the ability to breathe on his own, let alone interact meaningfully w/ his environment, no?

  • Ramona Romania

    Once again, we are dealing with 22 drivers, 11 teams and 19 races.
    And several billion Euros invested in what? In madness. Pride, politics,
    pressures, espionage and we still continue to like Formula 1. What is
    wrong with ourselves?

    After pre-season tests, we are trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some teams do not see it yet.

    Red Bull.

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    in the past. We credit the Red Bull team with at least one victory this
    year, and the battle within the team will be dominated by Vettel, but we
    would argue that not as categorical as expected by some.


    It is true that things are looking very good for the Germans, and not
    only for them, but for all teams powered by them. We see at least 3
    victories in their repertoire this year, and we believe that the fight
    between pilots will be one as close as last year, but with a good chance
    of being dominated by Rosberg. We are expecting them to make the most
    progress during the year.

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  • McLarenfan

    I just hope he is on the road to recovery I am also glad to hear Ross as well as Jean are also giving him support along with his family.

  • McLarenfan

    What planet are you on all your comment is nothing to do with the topic of this page??????

  • Resultant Asteroid

    I’ll wait for the confirmation from Sabine before letting myself feel v happy with these news. I already cannot stop myself from feeling happy with these “reports”, maybe it’s the “hope” in me.

  • Lyn Min

    topic hijacking. lol