Dennis: Hamilton could well be attracted back to us when we are competitive again

Lewis Hamilton with Ron Dennis

Lewis Hamilton with Ron Dennis

McLaren chief Ron Dennis believes that once McLaren find their winning ways once again Lewis Hamilton could be lured back to the team which gave him his break and powered him to his first ever Formula 1 win and his only world championship thus far.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Dennis said, “Who knows? As and when – and I can assure you it will be sooner rather than later – that we return to the level of competiveness that we have enjoyed in the past, he could well be one of the drivers that could be attracted back to us, and he will be better for having experienced life in a different team environment.”

Singapore 2012 key moment for Lewis Hamilton and McLaren

Singapore 2012 key moment for Lewis Hamilton and McLaren

“I know Lewis’s character and he was bitterly disappointed to not win the Singapore Grand Prix. Strangely enough it wasn’t the failure of a McLaren component that forced him to stop in that race, but nevertheless he was vulnerable and the right offer at the right time was made to him and so he jumped,” said Dennis pin-pointing the moment which he believes convinced Hamilton to Switch from McLaren to Mercedes.

He added, “I think money played a role in it, but it wasn’t a deciding factor. The fact is that for him it was possibly time to move on – there had been commitments made from both sides – and I appreciated and knew what the turning point was.”

Hamilton made his F1 debut with McLaren at the 2007 Australian Grand Prix, started 110 races for the team and scored 21 grand prix wins along with the 2008 F1 world championship title. (GP247)

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  • karlich

    “As and when – and I can assure you it will be sooner rather than later – that we return to the level of competitiveness”

    Aah, now that’s how a leader speaks! Good on you Ron!

  • lulu

    Well that is a bit of a turn around. I thought Lewis left because you wanted to cut his wages.

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    Lewis left because he was an emo drama queen who wanted to keep the original trophies and boatloads of money, which Ron and co didn’t want to give him.
    Lewis may have matured (who knows), but seeing as Ron Dennis, IIRC, didn’t even attend Lewis’ good-bye party because he was so mad, I doubt that Lewis would want to come back there.

  • symanski

    The Hamilton of today isn’t the same Hamilton that McLaren nurtured and gave a massive opportunity to. Hamilton owes such a debt to McLaren it could never be repaid, yet they way he treated his role at McLaren in his last seasons was disrespectful.

    Now he’s got more interests distracting him from being the best driver he could be. He’s surround himself with vacuous celebrities rather than those who’d challenge and push him to a higher level. Therefore, he’ll never get to the point of another WDC unless the Merc is such an overwhelmingly dominant car, and even then I’d bet on Rosberg first.

  • RBC

    Yes, then when Lewis got a better offer Ron panicked and matched the offer, after saying they didn’t have the money to pay that much to Lewis. Typical Ron Denis BS. A man so hated the head of the FIA privately said they fined McLaren $5m for cheating, and $95m for Ron Denis being a jerk.

  • RBC

    Ron says “I think money played a role in it, but it wasn’t a deciding factor.” Yet Martin Whitmarsh said at the time that McLaren offered Lewis more money than any other driver to stay. So money played NO role in it. More Ron Denis egomaniac BS.

  • A41202813GMAIL

    RD Played The ‘You Need Us More Than We Need You’ Card And Lost.

    I Will Not Mind Seeing LEWIS Shining In A MCLAREN Again, But MERCEDES And Even The REDS Have To Come First.

    By The Way, 22 Must Be Fuming, I Love It – After CANADA 2011, He Means Very Little To Me.

    GO, 44 !