Raikkonen and Alonso remain totally committed to the Ferrari cause


Alonso vs Raikkonen

Alonso vs Raikkonen

It’s either going to be the Formula 1 dream team in 2014 or a disaster for Ferrari, as they have paired Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen to return the legendary Maranello outfit to championship winning ways.

The Alonso-Raikkonen pairing has  already been billed as fire and ice, but both are adamant that they are committed to the Ferrari cause

Alonso told AP, “We will follow wherever the team priorities lie and try to do our best to win both championships. We need to work in perfect harmony and follow what the team priority is.”

Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari celebrate his world title in 2007

Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari celebrate his world title in 2007

Speculation among fans and pundits ahead of the forthcoming season is that the teammates who have three world titles between them will clash and the relationship erupt into open conflict.

Raikkonen, who won Ferrari’s last championship back in 2007, disagrees with the negative predictions, “There is a lot of talk outside about problems, but inside the team we have a very good feeling. It doesn’t matter who is your teammate. But for sure we have respect for each other and obviously we both try to come out on top.”

“Everyone is expecting a lot. We need to deliver,” mused Alonso ahead of the season opening Australian Grand Prix weekend starting on 14 March in Melbourne. (GP247)

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  • Nobody

    I think that Alonso will do better than Kimi on some tracks but on others Kimi will have the upper hand. I don’t see a big difference between them at the end of the season.
    Anyway, i hope they will fight with the Merc and Williams for wins this year…with Redbull joining later on hopefully.

  • karlich

    Was Alonso just quoted saying they will “lie and try”? 😀

  • karlich

    Oh dammit, didn’t have my morning coffee yet – I obviously cannot read properly 😛

  • Will Powers

    In other words, “everyone, especially me, hopes Kimi will follow team orders”!

  • s4parke

    In other words, “everyone, especially me, hopes Kimi will follow team orders”!

  • RBC

    At least Ferrari had the balls to put two top drivers together. Like Mercedes. Unlike Red Bull who snubbed Kimi’s approach. In the past I disliked Ferrari’s one driver focus, regardless of the WDC success it might bring. I’m excited to see the inter team battle between Kimi and Alonso, and between Lewis and Nico.

  • KevinW

    You just read between the lines. Whenever team mates refer to their relationship as “respectful’, sharing a mutual goal of coming out on top, there is tension being glossed over by the PR team. Tension is not a bad thing. I personally think inter-team battles are excellent. The Senna/Prost conflicts produced some of the best driving from both, and made things interesting. The Vettel/Weber clashes were classic. There is no reason for two top tier drivers to be buddies, even in the wussified PC twitterverse we suffer today.

  • Stoner

    Old news ????

  • maserati123

    This should be very very simple.Just race each other cleanly,and who ever has the chance to win title drivers championship will be supported by the other driver.SIMPLE .I hope.

  • farizY

    Enough talk, lets race!