Footage of Grosjean losing his cool in Lotus garage


Romain Grosjean wasn’t his normally smiling self during one dramatic moment at the Bahrain tests last week, where his team endured a torrid time with their all new Lotus E22.

Footage has emerged of the Frenchman angrily thumping the tool benches in the Lotus garage as he apparently discussed the new Renault-powered E22’s obvious problems with an engineer.

Having sat out the first test at Jerez amid recent financial problems, the extent of Lotus’ situation with its troubled 2014 car became clear only in Bahrain.

“Of course,” Frenchman Grosjean is quoted by Speed Week, “we are still far away from a good performance [level].

“We need to understand the brake-by-wire system, the new power unit and charging the batteries and in these areas, it doesn’t look so good,” he admitted.

“But together with Renault, we will work in the next two weeks until Melbourne to improve.”

Asked how he will keep his ever-present smile on his face early in 2014, Grosjean answered: “I think of my son.” (GMM)

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  • karlich

    Someone showing some real emotions in an otherwise really sterile environment. Guess that’s good news then :-)

  • =El Presidente=

    one of the few drivers i actually like. he is one the few that really seems to enjoy his time in racing, although this footage shows a bit different situation of course haha

  • KevinW

    This season is going to stress even the coolest of cool. Races lost due to a technical failure, non-starts due to a computer freezing up on the grid, overheating, power loss due to a sensor failure, blown PUs, what have you…For those who find drivers showing frustration interesting, this will be the season of seasons for you! There are going to be helmets thrown, arms waving, outbursts at crew members, stompings off, and animated gestures and… oh to be sure… swear words uttered. The bleepers in TV control booths will need to be ever ready, finger on the button, when interviews of recently retired drivers are approached for interview… oh my.

  • McLarenfan

    I agree this season with the toasters connected to lawnmower engine’s it is a recipe for disaster with recovery trucks doing more laps than cars Pirelli will save huge amounts of tyres.

  • Boycottthebull

    It doesnt really show anything, I have seen my nan slap the table like that every time a politician is spinning a new lie on the telly. For all we know Grosjean just found out someone scored a goal against France in the football.

  • farizY

    Lucky it was not Vettel who did that, otherwise these so called fans will go wild!!

  • jack

    kimi’s going to need more ice cream than ever