Montezemolo: It will be interesting to see how many cars will finish the first race in Australia

Luca Di Montezemolo

With the Formula 1 world focusing on the forthcoming season opening Australian Grand Prix, the big talking point is how the all new V6 turbo power units will fare in the first race of this new era for the sport – Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo wondered out loud how many cars will cross the finish line on 16 March.

“It will be interesting to see how many cars will finish the first race in Australia,” said Montezemolo at the Geneva Motor Show.

Speaking to journalists, the Ferrari boss added, “The design of these new Formula 1 cars is very complicated, with a lot of aspects still to be defined. Some parts of it we have already developed, whereas others still need working on to give their best. The run up to this season is a bit like a puzzle, with the parts slowing fitting together.”

TEST PRE-CAMPIONATO F1/2014 BAHRAIN 27/02-02/03/2014

With not long to go to the start of the Formula 1 World Championship, many teams – including world champions Red Bull – have had difficulties during pre-season testing and look like heading to Melbourne less than completely ready.

However, the President was only concerned with his own team, “The testing we have been able to do has been indispensible. I’m not interested in what the others are doing, we are only concentrating on ourselves.”

“It seems to me, that in terms of reliability the work is very complicated for everyone. These difficulties are understandable, because for 2014, Formula 1 has taken on a big challenge, going down a very innovative route.” (GP247-Ferrari)

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    And if they do finish, it will be interesting in which order.
    It will be also interesting which car(s) cracks first :)
    Maybe these rules are just meant for a higher rating audience, and I am pretty sure many people will tune in Sunday morning/afternoon/evening to see the “big” show….