Mercedes V6 turbo produces 580hp reveals Lauda

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Niki Lauda has revealed that the new Mercedes V6 turbo power unit produces about 580 horse power.

It is a rare admission in the highly-secretive world of Formula 1, but field-leading Mercedes’ Formula 1 Chairman wasn’t giving the whole game away.

Asked to put a number on the German marque’s early-season superiority, Lauda told Austrian Servus TV: “The fuel engine is about 580 horse power.”

“Then there is the electrical side,” he added, without elaborating.

It is known that the energy-recovery or ‘ERS’ side of the ‘power unit’ adds 160 horse power to the equation, but Lauda’s figures just made fellow Austrian Helmut Marko – of the struggling world champions Red Bull – grin.

“Interesting data,” Marko smiled. “I would be happy if I had 580 hp.” (GMM)

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  • Hugo Lafreniere

    So 580 + 160 = 740. What were the 2.4 V8s producing?
    Interesting that the old 1.5 I4 or V6 of the 80s produced close to 1400hp in qualifying trim 30 years ago.

  • mopar21222

    The V8s N/A were 750-800hp, I’d imagine that Niki is sandbagging the number, maybe for the race, but not for Quali. Total at max must be about 100hp higher than he admits, as FI was estimating 20-30 KPH faster at Monza.

  • karlich

    That was with ridiculous boost pressures which basically had the engines disintegrate.

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    Ah yes, the good old days.

  • karlich

    That they were!