Ecclestone not ruling out tweaks to V6 turbo engine rules

Bernie Ecclestone with Jean Todt

Bernie Ecclestone with Jean Todt

Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone is not ruling out tweaking the radical new V6 turbo engine regulations.

The sport’s Chief Executive is unashamedly no fan of the new turbo V6 era, having fought hard against replacing the screaming naturally-aspirated engines with the muted but ‘greener’ power units of the future.

“We have got the new engines. I don’t like them,” he told journalist Christian Sylt, editor of the Formula 1 trade guide Formula Money. “Maybe we can up the fuel restrictions and they can rev higher. We will have to wait and see.”

Claming that he is not simply opposed to change, the 83-year-old insisted he doesn’t even mind the  questionable aesthetics of the new nose sections of 2014’s cars.

“You get used to the looks,” he said. “Whenever there’s a change people say “I don’t like it”. Don’t think you’re going to get used to no noise though.”

Like the noses, Ecclestone also doesn’t mind that the run of dominance enjoyed by Red Bull seems to be over.

“Many fans want to see Vettel lose now,” he told Bild newspaper. “After all, they won the championship not once but for four years.”

“But I’ve never seen the point in changing the engines to save energy,” Ecclestone insisted. “That’s something you can do in street cars, but not in Formula 1.

“We need to be loud and fast,” the Briton added, “and one thing is certain: this whole thing has cost a … mountain of money.” (GMM)

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