Crisis struck Red Bull turn to junior team Toro Rosso for help

Formula One World Championship

Red Bull’s pre-season technical crisis is plunging to new depths, with news emerging that the reigning Formula 1 World Champions are calling upon junior team Toro Rosso for help.

Autosprint reports that Red Bull has asked the Faenza based sister team for assistance on the all-new brake by wire technology, which is tied in with the highly-sophisticated ERS systems.

“The fact that Red Bull wants to use someone else’s system says a lot about the size of Red Bull’s other problems,” said veteran correspondent Alberto Antonini.

One of those bigger problems is with extreme turbo lag, Red Bull’s Helmut Marko admits.

Sebastian Vettel with Helmut Marko in Bahrain

“You step on the gas,” he told Austria’s Servus TV, “but the power comes all of a sudden, the wheels spin, the car slides and you lose speed.

“We are working with Renault on the test benches day and night to improve the situation for Melbourne,” added Marko.

World champion Sebastian Vettel, however, is expecting to struggle next weekend.

“If half of the drivers fail to finish, then maybe we could take a few points,” he said. “At the moment we have bigger problems to solve than just the pace.” (GMM)

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  • Tamburello1994

    “I get by with a little help from my friends…..”

  • KevinW

    No team is an island. Parts are coming from all over the place, even between rival teams. Red Bull Technologies provides the gearbox to STR and Caterham, McLaren Electronics provides black boxes to all teams and provided Red Bull its alternators in 2013. Williams provided KERS to several teams in 2013. So, if there is a component or system in the STR that Red Bull can use, and it is not already provided through Red Bull Technologies, then there is no reason it can’t be transferred.

  • Nowhereman

    Say what ever you want but, this whole BS thing stemmed from the FIA (fix it again) sticking their pompous asses into everything that they should not.
    They have shown me that there exists not a brain between the lot.

  • Christopher Smith

    Yeah. They should ask merc for help with there power units

  • karlich

    As long as that STR nose isn’t transferred anywhere 😀

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    I dunno, I suppose a few pit babes would like to test drive that nose. Caterham’s, however… sheesh!!!