Ecclestone admits legal problems impacting his job

Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone

Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone admits that the trials and tribulations he is under due to legal action he is fighting on a number of fronts means he is not devoting as much time as he should to the business of running the sport and reveals that he has been searching for a deputy.

Ecclestone told the Financial Times, “I’ve been spending time on this [civil] case and to spend time on Munich I am not able to give what I normally would do, 24/7, to the business.”

“I’ve been looking, over the last few years, for somebody who can join me to assist with what I have to do. I will eventually be in a position, if I decide to retire – or unfortunately become dead – to have someone to step into my shoes,” added Ecclestone. (GP247)

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  • TylerC

    Yes, should he “unfortunately” become dead…

  • Paul

    More posturing from the man. He already knows who will take over. This article is just to create an impact statement, and then we will all be surprised by a future announcement.

  • Robert Doyle

    Freek of nature