Bettors taking pole position in Grand Prix

Formula One has become a multi-billion dollar industry and each race attracts a global audience of over 600 million people. The staggering growth of this motor sport has been closely matched by the massive growth of Grand Prix sports betting and huge volumes of bets are now placed prior to each race.

The introduction of online and mobile betting services has also served to boost the increased Grand Prix betting opportunities and sports’ betting is no longer limited to football and horse racing. The payouts on each motor race during the March to November Grand Prix season now reach into the millions and for many a win on a single race is the equivalent to hitting the jackpot at a site like

Grand Prix online betting has also opened the door for those placing wagers to bet on far more than a single winner who will stand atop the podium after the chequered flag, players can bet on everything from qualifying times to fastest lap, pole and grid positions.

This range of betting options has served to make sports betting more popular as there is additional skill involved and bettors have a better chance of winning as they can focus on predicting the outcome of a certain aspect of the race, rather than one result.

Grand Prix fans don’t simply place a bet for fun; they study the drivers, the cars, past performances of both and the history of the track. Each track offers different advantages for drivers in different teams and extenuating factors can also have a massively influencing fact on the race’s outcome.

Part of the attraction of sports betting is its real time result, and with Grand Prix there are many variables that can affect a race. Weather, tyre pressure, mechanical changes and team morale can also influence the outcome and the challenge for bettors is to predict in advance what may happen in a very unpredictable high speed sport.

The increased number of sport bettors who are placing their bets on Grand Prix looks set to continue to grow as interest in the sport remains at an all-time high, and shows no sign of slowing down.


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