Vettel: At the moment we have bigger problems to solve than just the pace


The timing screens on the final day of Formula 1 pre-season testing will show that Sebastian Vettel, at the wheel of the Red Bull RB10 was way off the pace, however the world champion revealed that pace is not high on their list of problems to solve ahead of the season opening Australian Grand Prix.

Speaking at the end of his final stint in Bahrain, Vettel told members of the media, “For sure we cannot do the times that the guys at the top are doing, for a couple of reasons, but at the moment we have bigger problems to solve than just the pace.”

“It’s quite a difficult time because it’s a difficult car to work on and you can see as well for the other teams, if you have downtime depending on where the damage is, where the problem is that it’s a big job to repair and fix it. That’s why it takes a long time.


Some insiders predict that Red Bull will struggle to get out of the initial Q1 segment in Melbourne later this month.

The world champion did not disagree, “The speed is not there compared to some other teams so we have to wait and see when we get there.”

Vettel is happy that Red Bull remained committed to the final pre-season test amid reports that the world champion team considered skipping the final test and decided to stay in Bahrain only to help engine supplier Renault more generally get up to speed.

“I think it was absolutely the right decision to come here,” he said before leaving Bahrain. “It is down to us that we have not done enough.”


The Austrian team, their boss Christian Horner and now the German himself have denied reports that Vettel recently threw a tantrum when he realised the scale of Red Bull’s crisis.

“I’m annoyed of course that I cannot drive,” he admitted.¬†“I think it’s worse for the mechanics, crawling around all day on the floor putting the car together for the umpteenth time.

“But I don’t see anybody getting upset, even if it is a hard time at the moment of course,” insisted Vettel.

And at the end of the day, it might not be all bad for Red Bull – insiders at Mercedes claim that GPS data has proved that when the Adrian Newey-penned car is running properly, it is fast in the corners.

“Of the few laps we have had, the feeling was pretty good,” Vettel confirmed. “But I can’t tell you more.” (GMM)

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  • karlich

    And then some say that Red Bull and Vettel can’t be honest. Looks like a fairly honest assessment to me.

  • TheDudeson

    DNF-DNF-DNF-Win-Win-Win etc etc

  • karlich

    Would be nice. Even better if it came down to Abu Dhabi with 2 or 3 contenders and Seb took the honors. Fingers crossed!

  • RBC

    I never said they can’t be honest. But many times they are not. A great liar blends the truth with the lies to make it harder to prove their lying.

    Red Bull said that there was a problem with the engine, then they said it was with them, then they said they are united with Renault, then they admitted they have already talked to other engine manufacturers about changing engines.

    Then they said they have some minor issues they will fix by the second test session. Now after the third test session they finally admit they have a problem. And you call that being honest?

  • karlich

    No, I call that protecting their own and their partners’ and investors’ interests while not giving away definitive status reports to their competitors. Is that so difficult for you to accept? If you have such a problem with deceit, go watch curling!

  • RBC

    It’s not difficult to accept. It’s also not difficult to call it lying when it is that. It might be lying to protect their partners etc but it is still lying. But you say they are being honest, YOUR post above. Now you say it is justified lying.

    Maybe by YOUR OWN logic, you should have not said “Some say Red Bull and Vettel can’t be honest” and instead have said “Red Bull and Vettel are lying to protect their partners.” That would be more honest.

  • karlich

    For Christs sake mate, are you truly just such an unpleasant, narrow minded and insulting person or what? They gave an an honest, self-critical assessment admitting flaws and mistakes. That’s it. My comment above was as much a jab at the “nay sayers” as it was meant to be a little comic relief in response to the troubled situation of Red Bull.

    Seriously, at first I thought no more of this to and fro between our comments, than a good bit of sporty forum fun with differing opinions.

    However, with you recent comments here and on other responses, you’ve just been personal, insulting and angry. So by all mean, have your way, have your say… but judging from your reactions, you are a much worse persona than you make out Vettel & co to be – you are what you hate!

  • RBC

    Your opening comment on this page was an attack on me. And I defended myself with facts. And you try to twist that into me being abusive. But look up and SEE who made the first comment here. YOU. Just look. You insult people in your subtle way, then call it a bit of good fun. But when someone comes back to you, then it’s not fun any more.

    In other words its ok when you insult people, but not ok when people do it back to you, using facts. Classic. Perhaps you should quit your passive aggressive insults and man up and say what you mean. And accept when people question you and challenge you about it.

  • karlich

    You should google the meaning of “attack”, “insult”, “fact” and “truth”. It is alright for you to come back at me, just don’t preach your Google prowess as “facts” leading to the one and only ultimate “truth” because your facts and truths are no more no less than an image of your subjective desire to find the answers you hoped for. Same like mine. That’s what makes me a fan of Red Bull and you a hater of Red Bull. You, whether you like it or not, subjectively seek and interpret “facts” and conjure your own biased “truth” around these or those by like minded people. And I do the same. And while my “subtle ways” may ring alarm bells with you, I wouldn’t go so far as to distastefully insult anybody here in a direct manner – as you did!

    Now if you excuse me, I have other business to attend to.

  • RBC

    Right, so you just insult people in an indirect manner and that makes it ok. Haaaa. You are a coward. A snake in the grass.

    As for fact and truth, if Red Bull did run an illegal ride height adjuster and did illegally lower their car’s ride height between qualifying and the race, that would be a fact.

    I guess in your world Vettel didn’t actually win the WDC last year, that is just an opinion that people on Google mention, but is not real as there are no truth or facts.

  • KevinW

    The season will be great even if Red Bull don’t recover and win, but come back enough to make a strong run for it in the face of a terrible opening effort. I really wouldn’t mind seeing Massa, or Rossberg come out with the big prize either.