Lauda confirms no engine homologation delay for Renault

Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda

Mercedes Team Chairman Niki Lauda has confirmed that Renault’s rivals opposed a move to delay the 2014 Formula 1 engine performance ‘freeze’.

Although denied by the embattled French marque, it was reported last week that Renault made the request that was subsequently discussed during the meeting last Friday of the Formula 1 strategy group.

It was there, Lauda confirmed, that a postponement of the mandatory homologation of the new turbo V6 engines was ruled out.

Asked by Osterreich newspaper if he was opposed to Renault’s request, former triple world champion Lauda answered: “Exactly. There are rules and everyone must follow them.”

And Bild quotes the Austrian legend as confirming that the strategy group made “absolutely the right decision” in ruling out a freeze delay.

Mercedes is obviously happy to see rivals Ferrari and Renault have to freeze the performance components of their ‘power units’, given the clear advantage enjoyed by the German outfit and its customer teams at present.

But Lauda insists the full “truth” of the 2014 pecking order is not known yet.

“That will emerge only in Melbourne,” he said, “and even then, every race after that will bring new surprises. But of course, the world title must be our goal.” (GMM)

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  • RBC

    Renault had 2 years to make sure their engine, turbo, ERS, and gearbox worked as a unit. But they didn’t bother to run it as a unit. They only found out their problems when they put it all together. That is retarded and they deserve to fail for their arrogance.

  • =El Presidente=

    But, it is also a major fail by Mr Adrian Newey. He drew a dreadful car. Yes, Renault made some mistakes but if we take the lapcharts of CTH and STR they are doing much better.

    After Jerez Newey went back to the UK to redesign,.. remarkably the back-cover has not been opened up. All team (all other 10) have fairly big openings at the back of the engine-cover to dissipate the heat, RB-10 has not, even not after the redesign.

    anyway, i think for the big part it is Newey’s fault, since the other Renault-team did achieve 100+ on a single day, even despite their problems with the Renault-engine.

    Also it would not be very strange for Newey to ‘fail’ a little bit this year. Newey is a specialist in Aero-work, not in packaging (and there are also mandatory places for certain things now such as the batteries) the cars of 2014 are a lot less aero-sensitive in a way, because there is just a lot less downforce. Also the blown diffuser has been banned, and that was what delivered the 4championships to Vettel.

    I think RedBull will be fighting at the top round about summerbreak, but to take the title is very far-fetched at this moment.

  • RBC

    I agree totally. A combination of Renault laziness and Red Bull focus on aero over all other things. Great when aero is the key factor, not when the rules focus on the engine, cooling, reliability.

  • McLarenfan

    I agree that Renault and Red Bull should not be handed any help with delays. All the teams and Power Unit manufacturers had the same notification of the change now if they worked in the same way as each other then there would be no major issues they would know if the basic unit was sort of running just as Ferrari and Merc have theirs doing roughly what it should. They all are allowed to alter parts in the name of reliability just not allowed to beef up HP or any other form of performance. Renault you better get to work Fast.
    We also have to wait and see if Ferrari are in trouble about their turbo safety shield.

  • bobmendon

    Jebus! We have a bunch of F1 Team Managers and designers posting here. I think I’m in the wrong place.