Vettel’s return to testing in Bahrain is plagued by problems

Sebastian Vettel pushes his car after it broke down for a second time during day three in Bahrain

Sebastian Vettel pushes his car after it broke down for a second time during day three in Bahrain

The much anticipated return of Sebastian Vettel to the cockpit of the Red Bull RB10, for his two day stint of testing in Bahrain, got off to the worst possible start for the quadruple world champion.

After their best day on Friday, where Daniel Ricciardo managed some relatively useful mileage and respectable lap times, the stage was set for Vettel to at last get some serious track time.

Almost two hours into the session the Red Bull finally fired up, while most of their rivals were well into their respective programmes. The delays were reportedly caused by the arrival of new parts which took time to be bolted on to the car ahead of the third day.

Sebastian Vettel supervises as the Red Bull  RB10 is recovered after stopping on track for the first time on day three of testing in Bahrain

Sebastian Vettel supervises as the Red Bull RB10 is recovered after stopping on track for the first time on day three of testing in Bahrain

Vettel drove slowly down the pitlane, but without even completing the installation lap the car came to a stop out on track, prompting the first red flag stoppage of the day.

Vettel was given a lift back to the pit garage in the course car, and according to the BBC joked with the driver, “Thank you. Please take this the right way, but I hope I don’t see you again!”

About 45 minutes later Vettel re-emerged from the pit garage, but this time failed to make it even beyond the end of the pitlane, where the Red Bull slowed to a halt.

The world champion hopped out and helped a marshal push the Red Bull back to the team’s garage. (GP247)

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  • karlich

    So in summary… helps the marshals, jokes around with course car driver and was seen grinning from ear to ear in the garage. Not exactly “a massive hissy fit” then is it? 😉

  • TheDudeson

    True champion! Just need Renault to wake up and deliver

  • Imran

    Renault was among the frontrunners during the 1980s turbo era, obviously when Prost and Arnoux on the wheel.. Hopefully they are returned and make F1 more interesting this year..

  • Spartacus

    Finally, Vettel gets the real opportunity to show the world how great he is, now that the Renault engine is proving to be a problem.
    People won’t be saying that Newey is why he was 4x Champion anymore… Cos Vettel is going to win the 2014 WDC with an inferior car.
    ISN’T HE?

  • karlich

    Your point being?

  • RBC

    Vettel has always had two faces. His radio messages when stuck behind another car see him screaming at his own team. Then in front of the cameras he is all smiles.

    So yeah, there was a massive hissy fit behind closed doors which Marko himself referred to. Now Red Bull are doing PR recovery.

    Like when Vettel ignored team orders, stole a win from Mark, spent a day at the team apologizing, then said he would do the same thing again…

  • karlich

    Okay. So suppose he did. Suppose he got really upset, his emotions ran wild and his temper shot through the roof. Yours hasn’t ever?

    Suppose you never ignored orders. Suppose you never jumped the queue. Suppose you never had a disagreement with your boss. Suppose you never did something to your partner or spouse, spent a day or more apologizing and then did the same thing again.

    I suppose not. Because by the looks of it… well blimey… you ain’t human.

    Get over it already. Whatever your grudge is with Vettel and the Red Bull lot. Nobody is forcing you to love ’em. Heck, you don’t even need to like them. But how about taking a chill pill and easing up on your very own “massive hissy fit”? You know you sound every little bit like the person you make out Vettel to be – you wouldn’t want that now, would you?

  • Robert

    Chill out yourself karlich, let people have their say. Not everyone agrees with you. Personally i find i funny Vettel is having a hard time since he’s basically had it easy the last few years. No doubt he’s a great driver, but lets face it he’s had it easy. To be a great driver you need to do what Schumacher did to Ferrari. Then Vettel would be on the same level.

  • karlich

    All good, just an ongoing little thing with @RBC specifically. And while I agree to disagree, I disagree with regards to targeted, repetitive slander which is why I voice my opinion too. So while it’s fine to disagree, voice your opinion of disagreement or dislike (within good taste), I do lash out on certain members who have shown no interest in offering any supportive or positive remarks towards any of the other drivers or teams all while consistently nagging about Vettel and RBR.

  • Tamburello1994

    You can’t even get your own story straight which illustrates the fallacy of your point. First you say “no doubt he’s a great driver” then go on to say “to be a great driver you need to do what Schumacher did to Ferrari.”

    That’s called an CONTRADICTION.

    One does not have to reach MSC levels to be considered a great driver.

  • Robert

    Considering English is not my first language i feel what i said is true. Change ‘No doubt he’s a great driver’ to good driver like they all are to get to F1 is what I meant.
    Stop bullying me.
    Too heated in here, your a nasty person.
    Good bye.

  • Tamburello1994

    Your English was just fine when you were “bullying” karlich – nice try. You contradicted yourself and I pointed it out to you is all. If your feelings got hurt in the process that wasn’t my intention but sometimes that happens. Learn from it.

  • RBC

    As I explained, the other drivers are honest, decent people. Vettel is a liar and a cheat, who cries when he doesn’t get his own way, who says sorry to his team for disobeying team orders then says he would do the same thing again. And this was all in response to YOUR attack on GP247 about the “hissy fit” comment. So you attacked the journalists but don’t like it when your attack is called into question.

  • karlich

    Urm, while I had my disagreements with GP247, those have been settled and duly put aside. I also realize that GP247 sub most of their news and do not coin terms such as “hissy fit” themselves. So it’s NOT an attack on GP247, but a play on words of what has been reported earlier with regards to Seb’s alleged “hissy fit”.

    As for Vettel being a liar and a cheat and the whole Malaysia incident – well can’t sway your opinion I suppose, but saying that “the other drivers are honest, decent people” is quite amusing.

    Let’s brush up on our F1 history then… 2007 Hungary Q3 Hamilton refuses to let Alonso pass on a quick lap. Alonso quite visibly “cries when he doesn’t get his own way”. Alonso goes on to block Hamilton in the pit lane. Do I need to continue with the annals of this feud between two team mates and all their “honest, decent” behaviour?

    Alonso’s tally extends a little further. Let’s not forget where Massa’s gearbox got changed to push someone on the clean side of the grid after a miserable qualifying. Or the few occasions where Massa had to concede his position to let Alonso pass. Decency? Honesty?

    What about Alonso attacking a photographer?

    But let us not all peck on Fernando. Hamilton also had his unsavory showings of character. Accusing Button of “disrespect”… on Twitter? C’mon now, at least accuse a man face to face! So maybe he isn’t decent, but at least he is honest- or is he? Australia 2009 anyone?

    Arguably, Kimi has the least dirt on his hands though he did show some defiance against teammate Grosjean in India 2013. Other than, Kimi’s boat parties probably aren’t what one would call “decent” 😉

    And I won’t even get started about Webber.

    So please, do explain once more, how other drivers are honest, decent people in comparison to Vettel?

    See, I don’t drag other drivers through the dirt on the premise of them being indecent liars. I might like some of them less than others, but that’s just about it and believe me when I say, it’s not because of their on-track behavior but more superficially “gut feeling”. Either way, they’ve all had their fair share of misbehaving, acting up, disobedience and so on. I could go on to point out such incidents for anyone ranging from Schumi (do get better soon!) to Hakkinen, Hill, Villeneuve, Prost, Senna or Mansell. Point is, you’re accusing Vettel of something they’ve all been guilty of at some point.

  • RBC

    Alonso didn’t go to the team and apologise for his actions. He told everyone that the team was blatantly favouring Hamilton. He went to the FIA and told them of McLaren cheating. He didn’t apologise to the team, say “I didn’t understand what was happening at the time.” Then say he would do the same thing again. Totally different behaviour.

    As for Alonso crying when he doesn’t get his own way, I don’t see evidence of that. He complained when McLaren openly helped Hamilton against him, adjusted his tire pressures to make him qualify worse than Hamilton. And he TOLD people the truth. He didn’t pretend that everything was fine. Vettel says that there was no favouritism in Red Bull towards him, yet everything he did and everything Webber said showed the opposite. That was lying. Again, totally different.

    As for Hamilton accusing Button of disrespect, yes Button I followed Lewis, then claimed he didn’t follow in the first place. But people came forward and said Button had followed Lewis. Plus he followed Perez. So yeah add Button to the list of F1 liars.

  • karlich

    Well I see you got your answers for everything. Of course we could shovel “truths” and “facts” at each other ad nausea, but frankly, you just won’t back down as much as I won’t back down on. You call your opinions facts and truths, which to me is disturbing not because I am bothered by the truth, but because you’re force feeding it as the one and only ultimate truth without even admitting the slightest possibility that you may be simply wrong. I see mine more as interpretations and that I do, I interpret quite differently than you do. So be it…

  • RBC

    Actually that describes YOU.

    I tell people to Google the facts. I refer to statements made by team officials.

    You are the one that tries to shovel your opinion as facts, and when I present facts that are easily independently determined, you attack me, not what I have said.

    You put “truth” and “facts” in quotes to imply that they don’t exist. Just look them up on your own time.

    I see you peddling your opinion as facts and when I confront you about that, you get really upset.

  • karlich

    p.s. kiddo, Google ain’t the ultimate source of truth 😉

  • RBC

    Google guides people to articles on the BBC website that are written by respected international journalists who quote the team representatives and the FIA. And THOSE people are the source of truth and the facts.

    And like I said, you DON’T google these articles or even look at them as the facts they present disagree with you.

  • Bumber

    karlich…… you got owned beotch lol