Hamilton: Are we pushing? I just get in the car and drive and try to break it

Lewis Hamilton during day two in Bahrain

During Formula 1 testing there are always doubts about who really is pushing and who is sandbagging, after the second day in Bahrain Lewis Hamilton revealed that his task for Mercedes is to drive the car as hard as possible, regardless of the consequences.

Speaking to the media at the end of his day in the cockpit of the W05, Hamilton said, “Whether or not we’re pushing the car as hard as we can, I just get in and drive and try to break it. I’ve done that so they’ve got to go and fix it!”

Formula One Testing, Day Two, Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, Bahrain, Friday 28 February 2014

The Silver Arrows have easily covered the most mileage in the ten days of testing thus far, but on Friday they had some problems with Hamilton spinning early on in the morning and then ending the day seventh fastest, 3.4 seconds down on pace setter Sergio Perez in the Mercedes powered Force India.

“Today wasn’t a spectacular day so it’s not really much to be happy with except that we got 89 laps which is a positive thing and we found that issue. Otherwise there wasn’t really much done during the day.”

“Every time we run we find more and more problems. It’s a positive thing obviously, because we wouldn’t want it to happen when we get to Melbourne.”

Lewis hamilton

“But it’s a lot of work for the guys. They have to strip the car down and check everything and go back to the drawing board to try and see if they can improve on certain areas. But it’s the same for everyone.”

As for the pecking order, Hamilton said, “We really don’t know where anyone stands right now and we have enough to concentrate on without looking at how other teams are getting on. The focus is on ourselves and will continue to be right up to the first race.”

Hamilton makes way for teammate Rosberg on the penultimate day, and will return to the cockpit for the final day on Sunday. (GP247)

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  • Tamburello1994

    I can see Hamilton having a Vettel-like season with a bit of Nico sprinkled in for good measure.

    Proving the adage; The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • RBC

    You really are nuts, aren’t you.

  • Tamburello1994

    Lemme get this straight:

    You got called an “a$$tard” – now you expect me to take you serious?

    Go. Away.

  • TheDudeson

    Merc are going to be tough to beat – the Lewis-Nico love affair likely to end if they go head to head for the title

  • karlich

    Then again, the way Hamilton pushes real hard, he might not cross the finish line that often now that everything is much less reliable – even the Merc.

    I, for one, certainly wouldn’t mind seeing a lot more of Nico sprinkled in for more tasteful measure.

  • karlich

    @RBC do you ever have anything positive to write?

  • http://batman-news.com BRIT MEDIA AT IT AGAIN

    The engine did well over 2000km and was due for a change out.
    THAT IS WHY Lewis was saying he was to try and drive it to breaking point.
    Just more data that only they will have as no other team is testing beyond the limits, but still trying to achieve a race simulation. Merc is still very reliable in that sense.
    Today with the new power train fitted the Merc was running like a dream again with a race simulation + a qualifying simulation in the afternoon alone.

  • RBC

    Yes, I often agree with people’s comments. When they are sane and have a good knowledge of formula one, and the facts, not the emotions or the lies they like to promote.

  • karlich

    So I am curious, entertain me to your version of facts based on your sane knowledge and crystal ball?

  • RBC

    There is no evidence of Lewis pushing a car harder than anyone else causing it to fail. The engines are not failing because Lewis put his foot down more than Nico. The issues are to do with computer program’s and battery overheating. Nothing to do with driver input. So your premise that Lewis will break the car due to his driving style shows a total lack of knowledge of F1 and Lewis Hamilton.

    I never said anything about a crystal ball BTW.

  • karlich

    Hamilton’s “aggressive driving style” has been discussed in F1 before. Nothing against him, I quite like it. Just saying.

    As for Hamilton being harder on his equipment due to his more “outright” driving style – I do think so. Just compare his tenure at McLaren alongside Button (perfect contrast if you ask me as Button is largely seen as one of the “smoothest” drivers around). More DNF’s than Button and most of that difference was caused by accidents or incidents on his own (Hamilton’s) behalf.

    Not that I read all too much in to what Prost has to say, but even the professor suggested Hamilton change his style a bit for this season.

    Despite all that, this isn’t a critique of Hamilton’s ability. His raw speed and usually all out or nothing attitude is fantastic to watch and I do admire him. I just think he has the potential to shoot himself in his own leg this season more than ever.

  • RBC

    Haaaa you talk about car reliability and DNF’s due to hitting other cars as the same thing. Yes Hamilton has an aggressive driving style but never has that been linked to car reliability. Like I said, you are nuts. Trying to call Lewis crashing into Maldonado as the same thing as the ERS breaking. You are off the planet.

  • karlich

    Erm no… you sure like paraphrasing with a twist. Hamilton has an aggressive driving style. Aggressive driving styles aren’t always the most sparing on equipment. From time to time, that driving style also caused him to fail without equipment failure. In 2014, where reliability of the equipment will be “iffy” at best during the first couple of races, Hamilton may do well to reign in his aggressive driving style in order to save the equipment that little bit of extra stress or it may happen that he, no matter how fast and ow far in lead, might not see the chequered flag (aka shooting himself in the leg).

  • RBC

    You know nothing about F1. The engine is driven by the electronics so he can’t be hard on the engine through his right foot. The gear changes are done by computer. The rear brakes now work by computer. How the fu(£ can Lewis break the batteries or the turbo by his driving style? Explain that? Last year he out drove Nico in tire management by his SMOOTH driving style. You are an idiot.

  • karlich

    Right about now, for that last remark, you’d be getting acquainted with my fist. Fairwell RBC. Enjoy your hate mongering.

  • RBC

    But you didn’t answer to point about how Lewis can break the car with his driving style, when the FACTS are that the engine which is fragile, is controlled by a computer, and thus not affected by driving style.

    As I said before, when you can’t respond to the facts, you attack the person.

    But you are happy to insult Lewis based on nothing but a misguided opinion. I’m just stating the truth against your lies designed to promote your hate mongering against Lewis.

    As if you don’t believe me, google the fly by wire engine management system in F1, this year including the rear brakes.