Santander’s recurring dream of London Grand Prix persists

Two years ago, Santander’s ambitious plans to create a unique London Grand Prix were merely an enthusiastic flight of fancy, albeit heavily grounded in reality.

This week, however, new government legislation will make it easier for public streets to be sanctioned for motorsport events, and that means the much-vaunted London Grand Prix once again moves a step closer to reality.

Speaking about the prospect of a London Grand Prix, Jenson Button said: “When I first saw Santander’s plans for a London Grand Prix, I knew they were ambitious, but fantastic – the thought of a race through the capital’s streets was only a dream when they initiated the project, but this week’s changes to the law bring the idea a step closer to reality.

Santander's London Grand Prix concept

Santander’s London Grand Prix concept

“When you really picture what it would look like it’s truly mind blowing. You could create such a unique grand prix through the streets of London – the roads are naturally very wide and long, so straightline speeds would be high, and you could create a real blend of corners  and when you combine all of that with the world famous monuments that would feature in the backdrop you can see why it would be an awesome addition to the calendar.

“The dream has taken a step closer this week, and I’d love to see this amazing concept finally happen.”

Will it ever happen? Who knows. But, back in 2012, Santander took the opportunity to create the most realistic computer simulation of what a London street race would actually be like – and it’s about as close as you could get before starting to erect Armco barriers! (McLaren)

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  • Tamburello1994

    Will they have to pay the congestion tax as well?

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    In some parts of London it will actually be called the Indian Grand Prix.

  • Rohan Wardan

    ANOTHER track where you CAN’T pass!!
    We already have DRS and ERS to assist in passing which is bad enough. Why introduce tracks like Singapore and Valencia which realistically look great but are rubbish to watch?

  • Guest

    We already have DRS and ERS to assist in passing