Ferrari: With just 100 kilos of fuel one of the keys this season will be consumption

Piero Ferrari greets Kimi Raikkonen during Bahrain test

Piero Ferrari greets Kimi Raikkonen during Bahrain test

First day of the final test session for the Formula 1 teams at Sakhir, Bahrain. Kimi Raikkonen’s performance this morning at the wheel of the F14 T was witnessed by Piero Ferrari who had a few things to say about the forthcoming season.

The son of the founder Enzo Ferrari, and the current Vice President of the company, who decided to add his support to the team at this key moment of the year, “I have come to encourage the whole group, but also I was curious to find out what these cars sound like.”

“I still remember the noise the engines made in the Eighties and the current power units don’t seem so different to those. However, these cars are the interpretation of a technological challenge that can be summed up as being momentous and right for this age.”

“Ferrari has accepted this challenge, also looking to the future and the possible transfer of this technology to its road cars. I think it really is a step forward that can prove to be very satisfactory.”

Piero Ferrari in bahrain

Piero Ferrari in bahrain

Ferrari then went on to say, “When I talk about new technologies, I don’t really mean the turbo so much, which for us is already part of the present as can be seen on the new California T, which we will launch at the Geneva Motor Show, fitted with a new generation turbo-compressor.

“But rather I’m thinking of the hybrid aspect of the car, with the ability to recover energy from braking and from the exhaust gases linked to the turbo. This technology can lead to cars having amazingly low consumption levels and ever higher performance. In this sense, I believe Formula 1 can open the door to these new systems.”

As for the forthcoming Formula 1 season, he added, “It’s hard to make predictions. For sure I can say that it will be complicated because there are many more variables. Up to last year, one only really had to take into account aerodynamics and tyres, while this year the power unit will have a much bigger role to play in deciding the outcome, not just in terms of outright power, but also when it comes to making strategic decisions.”

“With just 100 kilos of fuel on board, one of the keys to the season will be consumption. It will be impossible to complete a GP pushing from start to finish. One will have to pay close attention and be able to react when it come to race tactics. That’s another reason why we opted for two experienced drivers.” (Ferrari)

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  • hahaha

    Awesome picture, thx gp247!

  • KevinW

    Their approach seems solid. I like the idea of seeing a 700HP car one day getting the mileage of a VW Blue Motion. If Ferrari use this as a springboard for that sort of movement, the automotive world is poised to keep the party going for several more years. Rock on Ferrari!

  • Imran

    The way to the greener high powered road car.. A good future automotive idea.. Forza Ferrari :)