Texas Motor Speedway boss says Ecclestone is foolish

Eddie Gossage

Eddie Gossage

American motor racing impresario Eddie Gossage has accused Formula 1’s Bernie Ecclestone of being foolish.

Gossage, the president of the Texas Motor Speedway, has blasted the Formula 1 Chief Executive for scheduling this year’s US Grand Prix on the same November date as the major NASCAR sprint cup race in the same state.

“I absolutely think it’s foolish,” Gossage is quoted by AP news agency. “I can’t say I was surprised because Bernie Ecclestone does a lot of foolish things.”

“It’s just not smart,” said Gossage. “There’s 52 weeks in the year. But that was the only weekend that Formula 1 could make it work in Austin? Give me a break.” (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    It was no accident on Bernies part that both races fell on the same date. This is Bernie bulldozing his arrogance on anyone trying to prove F1 is even bigger than Nascar in the USA. The when it fails and viewer numbers are down he will use that as his excuse to push the double points rule for the last three races past the teams and FIA.

  • Paul

    @Boycottthebull or simply cancel the USA F1 event in 2015 due to a downturn in revenues

  • Dr. Azlan

    No one can question Bernie’s actions. Afterall he single-handedly built up F1 to what it is today.

  • ianchesterton

    In a few years the CoTA will be tits up. Bernie will probably be in a nursing home after having a stroke or something so it won’t matter to him. it matters to those of us in the states that Love F1. With the newer rules in place though, it seems to be turning into a spec series. They should just kill it now by running Toyota Prius’s. Make them electric/diesel though. what the heck.

  • ianchesterton

    That will happen. 2016 at the latest.

  • ianchesterton

    Doesn’t mean that he can’t wreck it. That’s what happens when no one is allowed to say NO around the person in power. Happens in other industries as well.