Red Bull denies secret test for troubled RB 10 in Spain

F1 Testing in Bahrain - Day One

Struggling World Champions  Red Bull have denied claims that they are secretly running the troubled Renault-powered RB10 between the two Bahrain tests.

Spaniard Pius Gasso, a respected and reliable Formula 1 source and former racing driver, said that he believes that an RB10 is running at the Idiada facility in Spain, south of Barcelona, ahead of the resumption of official testing later this week in Bahrain.

Gasso even tweeted a link to an audio file of the alleged ‘secret’ testing.

Another source told Speed Week correspondent Matthias Brunner that Red Bull’s Idiada running would be contrary to the tight testing limitations.

“They would only be able to drive at Idiada with a current car if they had declared it a ‘Promotional Event’ as stipulated by the regulations. And the rules say clearly that it would be purely for marketing and PR purposes,” said the source.

A Red Bull spokeswoman said simply: “We are not at Idiada!” (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    Who’s to know? There are so many race tracks around the world. Any well-funded team could fly a small but sufficient test team to anywhere in the world and perform a quick test or two without anybody knowing.
    Nowadays, you don’t need to own your own test track anymore. In fact, as a team, you don’t want to own a track at all! Why let the public know what you’re doing under the radar?
    What with all the high-level secrecy involved in every F1 team nowadays, I believe it is highly possible that RBR isn’t the only top team secretly testing their cars now.

  • john

    Strange if it’s true…Redbull was one of the teams screaming at Merc. after their test i Barcelona last year…

  • hahaha

    Ban them from F1, they do nothing else but cheat.

  • Tamburello1994

    I’m inclined to believe it.

    This circuit is one of the top five secret test track in the world. If you wanted to test your car and keep it on the covert side, this is the ideal place. Just sayn.

  • KevinW

    So, some guy twits a link to an audio file, no video, no snapshot, no direct eyes-on ( he was not there – but claims “his spies”, who also did not see anything, “suspect” it was Red Bull without evidence of any type, at the straight-line test facility) and that’s evidence enough to hammer Red Bull? Seriously? What proof can Red Bull provide you lot that they were not there? This is pathetic.

  • Dr. Azlan

    It’s a secret that even the Red Bull spokeswoman was not told about (true?)

  • OLé

    We are not at Idiada, but somewhere else you won’t find.

  • bobmendon

    Hummm…I guess you forgot about Mercedes last year?

  • OLé

    Like Mercedes’ story last year. The world of F1 is FULL of spies, money, lies, cheats, briberies. That’s how it works, and that’s why many drivers don’t want to lose time with politics but want to enjoy racing.

  • KevinW

    Not like Mercedes at all. There were images there, there were tweets from Lewis on the test days, there were observed cars in motion, Pirelli testers, loads of semi-trailers, an observation that they had not left the facility with the others at the end of the race…. so, real live substantiated, video taped, photographed, and admitted activity – Not some thumb twiddler twittering second hand speculation from an anonymous source, with no backing beyond some obscure audio file that could have come from anywhere, including the just concluded tests or the web. There is actually an important and significant difference between rumor, slander and actual fact.. Denial of a slander does not elevate fiction and slander to actual indictment or fact.

  • McLarenfan

    I think I would believe it on the grounds that Renault paid for the filming day or 2 with Lotus and they need to get things sorted so they can get all the Renault powered cars running at a pace that gets them out of the pits and get’s passed the 107% rule. Renault have got to get their unit ready to be homogenised time is running out.

  • David Williams

    Have to be honest though, Red Bull are known for pushing the rules a little far

  • BS

    Kevin…you are a little too into red bull….

  • KevinW

    Not really. I’m just sick of the slander tossed at them constantly without evidence by hater monkeys, conspiracy theorist and irresponsible authors. As an editor and writer, I find stories like this put forth without actual evidence the foulest form of journalistic fraud – no matter who the subject is.

  • karlich

    Sorry @disqus_2UT2dWqBIb:disqus but the cheater hall of fame ranks are still firmly held by the prancing horse.

    As for testing in Spain, amidst ongoing back to back test in Bahrain – I’d imagine this to be a logistical nightmare of epic proportions, not to mention the cover up required at Bahrain as well as Idiada.

  • Daniel

    all the cheating and hiding and pushing the rules is what keeps me interested. It would be so boring if they all just conformed to the rule book.

  • BS

    13:43 A little more on Red Bull’s troubles today from BEN ANDERSON.

    “Apparently there’s nothing wrong on the Renault side, but the RB10 is suffering overheating issues every time the driver tries to push it harder.

    “Then it’s back into the pits to open up the car and improve the cooling before the cycle repeats.”

  • BK201

    “Apparently there’s nothing wrong on the Renault side, but the RB10 is suffering overheating issues every time the driver tries to push it harder.”

    Ah, so THAT”S why Lotus, Caterham and Toro Rosso are having no problems! Nothing wrong on the Renault side, no sir!

    That’s what kills me about you people, you”ll believe up is down and black is white just because you want it to be so.

  • BK201

    Proof? We don’t need no stinkin’ proof! Lynch them!