Some of F1 ‘s new V6 turbo cars are very fast others are not

Nico Rosberg at speed during Bahrain testing

Nico Rosberg at speed during Bahrain testing

At full tilt in a straight line, this year’s Formula 1 cars emit a tamer sound than the class of 2013, however, the top speeds of the new turbo V6s are significantly higher, thanks to reduced downforce and an impressive engine-plus-ERS maximum of almost 900 horse power.

In Nico Rosberg’s hands, the currently dominant new W05 Mercedes is almost as quick over a full lap as the German’s pole of 2013.

Cornering speeds are lower, but at full speed, the cars are much faster — Fernando Alonso’s 2014 Ferrari clocked 336 km/h in Bahrain, compared to a top speed of 314 during the island Kingdom’s grand prix last year.

“We are incredibly fast on the straights,” Rosberg told Auto Motor und Sport. “I would guess that at Monza we will be doing 360.”

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That may not be the case for the entire field, however. The fastest of the struggling Renault-powered cars in Bahrain clocked a top of just 308 km/h – slower than in 2013.

World Champion Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull was a further 7 km/h slower than that.

So it’s a particularly challenging time for a team like Caterham, struggling not only with the troubled Renault V6 but also a small budget amid the enormous, and very expensive, technical revolution.

“Currently we are not on Formula 1 level,” Kamui Kobayashi, 10 seconds off the pace on Saturday, is quoted by Speed Week. “It’s more GP2 level.

“We have so many problems with the car and the times are incredibly slow,” said the Japanese.

“When you look at what Mercedes is doing, it’s overwhelming, but it also shows us what is possible and in what direction we need to develop.” (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    Point 1 Nico stated that the car was on fumes and the best tyres he stated that his care was the lightest of all out at that time.
    Point 2 we are fully aware that the Renault cars are having major problems and are unable to run full bells and whistles they are being carried around on recovery trucks to show they can do a lap..
    Point 3 out of all the teams you chose Caterham to single out yet they have done quite well in the standings and were ahead of other teams powered by non Renault by a country mile to be honest the times are still not top speed laps we know that the red cars have not unleashed the beast under the red body work, we know that the Bulls are being cooked by nuclear fusion as it gets to the first corner Lotus is not on full toast it mode and has gear box issues and yet the little green Caterham is off the pace of the front runners but is still doing more mileage than the rest that is being fed in to the Renault test bed to help them power up the rest of the fleet Now what team didn’t manage to put a time in the final day due to fitting more revised parts.