Ecclestone pushing for Socchi night race


Formula 1 ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone wants the Russian Grand Prix to be held at night.

The inaugural event at winter olympics venue Sochi this year, however, will be a normal day race.

But The Times said that Formula 1’s under pressure Chief Executive wants the floodlit roofs of the olympic stadium and ice rinks to provide the backdrop for the race in future.

“The idea is a clever one,” said correspondent Kevin Eason, “given that the olympic park looks more like a vast car park than a picturesque sports arena in daylight.”

Ecclestone confirmed: “I think that they would go for the idea. At night the stadiums are very colourful with lots of lights and the backdrop to a race would be fantastic.”

“[The surrounding area] was a bit of dump, quite honestly,” he admitted. “But they have spent a lot of money and there is a lot going on and the place is changing all the time.” (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    Pushing? In Bernie language that means slipping someone a few bucks on the sly till he gets his way.

  • Paul

    Got to make it look good for TV? Well who cares about the surrounding area the interest is on the track not a backdrop of the former Olympic stadium.

  • BernieHeartsPutin

    Is this because he wants to experience Sochi’s nightlife and hopefully get a few drinks down Putin?