Maldonado: Working very hard to be one of the best and fighting for wins


Pastor Maldonado looking to make it big with Lotus

Pastor Maldonado looking to make it big with Lotus

Press Release:

After three seasons in Formula 1, Pastor Maldonado comes to Lotus F1 Team with the objective of being one of the best and fighting for wins.

How excited are you about kicking off the new season with Lotus F1 Team?
It’s great to start the season with Lotus F1 Team. For me it’s something very special, and it’s part of the big transition of progressing in Formula 1. After three years in one team, it will now be my fourth season at a higher level, and I’m very happy to part of this fantastic team. Lotus F1 Team have been very successful in the past, been competitive on track and have won a lot of races. We’re working very hard to again be one of the best and fighting for wins.

Pastor Maldonado did his first public run in the Lotus E22 on day three in Bahrain

Pastor Maldonado did his first public run in the Lotus E22 on day three in Bahrain

You have 58 Grands Prix starts under your belt; what experience can you bring to the team?
I’ve been learning a lot, especially in the first two years. I don’t count last year as it was so difficult, but even in the difficult times you can learn a lot and I’ve used all of that as an experience and I feel ready to get back to the top. In the past I’ve been quite good in my last team, and maybe here I will get extra power to be more consistent and I think together we can make a very strong team.

You already know Romain Grosjean, are you looking forward to working together?
I know Romain from some years ago, he’s a good guy. He’s a great driver and we’ve competed in the lower categories together. We’ve both always been at the top so I’m really looking forward to working with him. I think we are both real fighters on track, so I hope we can both do our best for the team.

How different do you expect the racing will be with such big regulation changes?
The difference we see from last year to 2014 is huge, and it will have a huge influence in terms of racing, and racing style. I think the drivers, together with the team, must work a lot to adapt to this new style of racing. We’ve been working in the simulator for a while and I feel optimistic. Let’s go for it!

Pastor Maldonado with his new team

Pastor Maldonado with his new team

What do you think of the E22?
The E22 is just amazing, I think it’s the most revolutionary car in the paddock. The car looks great, it’s a combination between the new technology and many other new ideas. It’s pretty special to see the nose like that – I’ve never seen something like that in the past! It’s something completely new for Formula 1, and we’re fully confident with this solution. I can’t wait to be in the car and try it out on track.

What are your targets and objectives for 2014?
The season ahead is really a big question mark. We need to start with great expectations, we need to do our best from the beginning. For sure it will be quite hard, for all the teams and all the drivers, with the new regulations but we’re really looking forward to fight for the best, and to fight for the Championship.

Why the number 13?
The reason I choose the number 13 is just because I like it. In Venezuela it is not an unlucky number and it actually has a long history in Venezuelan sport.

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  • Barry Blocker

    Pastor, please don’t crash into anyone during your final year in F1. It would be a shame to see you ruin anyone’s race. Maybe you and EJ Viso can open a strip club or something with all of that govt. money :)

  • Tamburello1994

    Even his P.R. is weak sauce.

    He says he doesn’t count last year because it was difficult but then goes on to say how much you can learn from difficulty . . . .That sounds like he’s hardheaded to me. Most people would say one finds out more about themselves (commitment) during adversity. Because you had a difficult year you’re just not going to count it? That sounds utterly absurd. I’m pretty sure everyone else up and down the paddock counted it – especially Williams.

    Pastor belongs in an padded room, not a F1 grid. He put on quite the display last season and in doing so proved he can’t handle the rough times too well and will resort to the finger pointing without hesitation – not sure the bush league B.S. will play well with Lotus is past is prologue so this will be a fun watch.

  • Mellow Jessica

    VERY lazy of GP 24/7 to publish a press release verbatim, even though they at least identify it as such.

    I would not think 10min to write up an intro and a conclusion would be that much effort, then you can pass off the Q&A as something you had to actually work to obtain.

    Oh well, at least it’s coverage for Pastor, who is a supremely talented Formula 1 driver. He has his faults, but lack of talent or aggressive ambition are not them! And Pastor is one of only a few drivers not already WDC to have won an F1 GP. This is a great honor and neither Hulkenberg nor Grosjean have achieved so much.

    Can you name the other non-WDC race winner(S)?

  • Mellow Jessica

    Pastor belongs in an padded room, not a F1 grid.

    Your comments are very disrespectful to Formula 1 grand prix race-winner Pastor Maldonado, his team, his family, friends, fans and supporters, and your comments are also incredibly disrespectful to sufferers of mental illness, who you no doubt aren’t troubled about demeaning with that reference to “padded room[s]”.

    Just because you do not consider yourself a fan of Maldonado does not mean that there aren’t others here who do, and it’s distasteful and off-putting to have to read such insensitive, hateful and biased commentary.

  • Tamburello1994


    I’m showing Maldonado the same amount of respect he showed his last employer – zilch. Secondly, I question the sanity of someone who sees things that are not there. Someone who will just make up stuff out of thin air.

    There’s a medical diagnosis for that.

    I think my comments are right on target and I stand by them 100 percent – so spare me the melodramatics – and take your fake outrage elsewhere.

  • Ankit

    Rosberg, Mark Webber, Felipe Massa