Renault: We are not in that bad a shape, we are quite happy on this side

Sebastian Vettel emerges from the cockpit of the smoking hot Red Bull RB10 on the first day of testing in Bahrain

Sebastian Vettel emerges from the cockpit of the smoking hot Red Bull RB10 on the first day of testing in Bahrain

Despite a dismal first Formula 1 pre-season test at Jerez last month, and another woeful start to the second test in Bahrain today, Renault remain confident that they have solved the main problems affecting their troubled V6 turbo Power Unit.

Renault Sport F1 Head of Track Operations Remi Taffin said at the end of the first day at Sakhir, “We can clearly say today we can run our Power Unit as we wanted. It is still not to the level we want but at least we have got the baseline to work from.”

“From tomorrow onwards we will be upgrading things and it will be like this until the end of next week. So we are happy on that side but obviously we also had some problems.

“When we have some time to run we will have some new problems, although they will not be as big as we had two weeks ago, but we will still have to fix them. That is why we will see some cars running or not, some less or more. That’s where we are: on plan but still recovering.”

Helmut Marko and Remi Taffin

Helmut Marko and Remi Taffin

Earlier in the week Red Bull’s Adrian Newey admitted that aggressive packaging compromised the World Champion team’s new car, he did also make mention of the large cooling requirements of Renault’s V6 Power Unit.

Taffin believes that the overheating issues are dealt with, “I don’t think we are that bad, to be fair. We are trying our best on this side. Let’s put it this way, we didn’t have any heating problems here. Obviously it’s not that hot but we can translate it to other races and we are not in that bad a shape. We are quite happy on this side.”

Engine manufacturers have until the end of the month to homolgate the new F1 power units with the FIA.

On the looming deadline Taffin said, “If I was saying everything is solved I would be lying, but I think by the end of the month we will have a specification that we will be happy with to go to Melbourne.” (GP247)

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  • McLarenfan

    Talk about double speak!

  • SpeedoReido

    Seriously, McClarenfan! You’re not kidding! I had to read that twice! Jeez!

  • pitwall

    If Renault are ‘happy’, Mercedes must be rolling on the floor laughing

  • BK201

    He sounds delusional. They’ve made some progress from Jerez, yes, but their engines (“power units”) are still way behind the competition in both reliability and power.

  • bobmendon

    You have to hand it to the French. They know how make talking sounds come out their backsides!

  • KevinW

    Question is…. 4 teams run Renault power, 4 Mercedes and 3 Ferrari. What if Renault simply fails to get the power system together at all? Just let 4 teams give it a miss until the problems are resolved? Hardly seems a sporting season, at least on the WDC end of it. On the other hand, it would be an absolute scream to see Red Bull struggle early, then recover a little each race to creep up from behind – arriving at the last event still behind – only to take their 5th championship by a hair, ala 2010, only this time gifted by the last-race media extravaganza double points handout – which according the Bernie was intended to give Ferrari the nod. Just sayin’

  • karlich

    I can totally see how it could turn out just like you said. And, in a way, I’d love to see it go that way! Oh the fun to be had with all the envy and hate mongering and boo brigading we’d endure – alas, it would be worth it 😀

  • TheDudeson

    Google translate on steroids?

  • Tamburello1994

    Trying to win the spin war and coming up short.

  • Michel Weij

    I imagine Renault and Red Bull are throwing bucket loads of money at this.

  • karlich

    At least Red Bull are winning some of their expenses back as the consumption of Red Bull drinks showed a dramatic increase over the last few days in the region of Viry-Chatillon and Enstone 😉

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    I have so little sympathy for RBR, and especially Marko.

  • karlich

    It’s an Austrian thing, trust me, I am one too 😉 We come off as arrogant egoists, have difficulties expressing or showing emotions and are typically calculated, not to say, cold.

    Helmut Marko, with his looks and quotes, easily comes off as Emperor Palpatine with his younger, talented savant pupil Vettel. Easy target for the press and public opinion – not exactly Hollywood material.

    Dig a little deeper beyond our chilly wall of privacy, and you find really nice people. Helmut Marko rarely reveals anything about himself and his private life. Much like Vettel. Much like Mateschitz. Yet Vettel is a devoted family guy and so is Marko. Marko entertains a large collection of art in his 2 Styrian hotels, mostly supporting up and coming young artists. He isn’t interested in trading art, but simply appreciating it and the artists. He has a large forest that he personally sees to. His 3 children and 5 grand kids are his retreat when away from the hustle of F1, for which he rises at 7AM and works 12 hours day – not bad for a man long past retirement.

    If any of that is an indication of what man may lurk beyond the cold image of Helmut Marko, I think it suggests there’s much more warmth and wits in him than we’re made to believe. After all, don’t judge a book by its cover, least of all if that cover is on a magazine 😛