Lotus E22 makes public debut in Bahrain with Grosjean at the wheel

Romain Grosjean Lotus E22

Romain Grosjean Lotus E22

The Lotus E22 has finally made it’s public debut, in the hands of Romain Grosjean at Bahrain International Circuit, on Wednesday – the first day of the four day preseason Formula 1 test.

Although they were among the first teams to release images of their 2014 car, the Enstone based team opted not to partake in the season opening test in Jerez last month, and did their first running behind closed doors.

In Bahrain, on the first day of the four day test, after a half hour delay to the start of proceedings Grosjean was the first driver out on track.

Romain Grosjean Lotus E22

Romain Grosjean Lotus E22

The E22 has been the source of much interest as its asymetrical size ‘twin tusk’ front nose solution is vastly different to those adopted by  rival teams.

As one of the four Renault powered teams, the focus will be on how successful the French engine builder has been in solving the problems which grabbed headlines in Jerez.

Grosjean is expected to do the first two days in the E22 cockpit followed by the team’s newcomer Pastor Maldonado, who will be on duty for the final two days – Friday and Saturday. (GP247)

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  • Tamburello1994


    What happened to my Formula 1? The cars this season are just bad. Some exceptions, but overall just terrible.

    That looks like one, big, tuning fork. Good grief.

  • karlich

    I actually quite like it – don’t know, it’s “ugly” in a good kind of way.

  • Tamburello1994

    I suppose by mid season I won’t wince when I look at it . . . . .