Webber: The 2014 cars are right up Sebastian’s alley, perfect for him

Mark Webber with Sebastian Vettel

Mark Webber with Sebastian Vettel

When Red Bull emerges from its pre-season technical crisis, reigning F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel will be a force to be reckoned with yet again, claims former teammate Mark Webber.

However many believe the radically new 2014 regulations will finally end the German driver and Red Bull’s run of dominance.

Some think the 2014 rules have ended the utter dominance of aerodynamics, putting the ‘Power Unit’ and its technology in the spotlight.

Sebastian Vettel drives the Red Bull RB10

Sebastian Vettel drives the Red Bull RB10

Early 2014 testing has seemed to indicate that the Red Bull era could indeed be over, as the RB10 and the troubled Renault V6 package have struggled simply to turn laps.

Australian Webber, however, thinks that if the RB10’s issues can be solved, the 2014 rules could actually work in Vettel’s favour.

Webber recently said that Vettel’s strength is in slow corners, and it is precisely there that the high-torque cars of 2014 have proved difficult to handle.

“It’s probably not what people want to hear at home,” said Webber, “but I think that helps Sebastian. That’s right up his alley, that’s perfect for him.”

Mark Webber starts life as a Porsche driver this year

Mark Webber starts life as a Porsche driver this year

After 12 years in Formula 1, 37-year-old Webber has retired from the category and this year will spearhead Porsche’s return to the top-tier Le Mans Prototype class.

But he will be in Melbourne in three weeks time when the 2014 season begins.

“I was in the boxing ring [the Formula 1 grid] just a couple of months ago so hopefully I can use that experience in commentating to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of drivers and so forth,” said Webber, who will work with Australian television.

“I am really looking forward to the season ahead with Porsche, and with a later start to that Championship in April, it gives me an opportunity to return to Melbourne and have some fun from the other side of the fence,” he added. (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    I think Webber is playing mind games with Vettel; even after he is not in F1 this year.
    By stating what he said about the car being right up Vettel’s alley, if Vettel succeeds again in 2014, Webber can say “told you so” and if Vettel fails, Webber gets to trash talk Vettel and criticise his talent/ speed.

    Well done, Aussiegrit!

  • karlich

    Maybe so. But a few have previously suggested (Anderson, Allen et al) that Vettel is one of those who have adapted their driving style far better to suit the requirements of exhaust blown “aids” and so, assuming they mend their 2014 troubles, might be able to pull it off with the torque monsters we have this year. I can only hope so – would be nice from a Red Bull fan’s point of view.