Study shows that Ferrari is the world’s most powerful brand


Ferrari is the world’s most powerful brand, according to a study released today by leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance.

The Italian carmaker scores highly on a wide variety of measures on Brand Finance’s Brand Strength Index, from desirability, loyalty and consumer sentiment to visual identity, online presence and employee satisfaction.

Ferrari is one of only eleven brands – including Google, Hermès, Coca-Cola, Disney, Rolex and (their Formula 1 rivals) Red Bull – to be awarded an AAA+ brand rating and has the highest overall score.

Brand Finance chief executive David Haigh stated, “The prancing horse on a yellow badge is instantly recognizable the world over, even where paved roads have yet to reach.”

Alonso vs Raikkonen

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen

“In its home country and among its many admirers worldwide Ferrari inspires more than just brand loyalty, more of a cultish, even quasi-religious devotion. Its brand power is indisputable.”

According to the report, Apple remains the world’s most valuable brand.

Much of Ferrari’s allure and exposure is through their exploits in Formula 1, even though the team last won a title back in 2007, with Kimi Raikkonen.

This year Raikkonen has returned to the team, joining Fernando Alonso in the quest to bring the titles back to Maranello.  (GP247)

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  • karlich

    Umm… where on earth do you get this from? The study ranks Ferrari at #350, a 25 position drop in comparison to 2013. Even our beloved fizzy drink maker ranks higher than Ferrari at #203. Receiving a AAA+ rating doesn’t make them the most powerful brand by a long shot.

  • gp247
  • Keiv

    “Though Ferrari is the world’s most powerful brand, being a niche, luxury
    brand with an officially capped production, it is perhaps unsurprising
    that it is some way off being the world’s most valuable. Its US$4
    billion brand value puts it 350th in brand value terms.” This is probably the #350 you were talking about. Apparently, power and value are two different things.


  • KevinW

    Typical marketing malarkey. It’s not what you do, its how a load of marketers sitting in conference feel about you that matters. Whatever…

  • Tamburello1994

    Says in the first line “where they got it from”.

  • Forza Ferrari

    Great news, couldn’t be happier! Of course Ferrari is the world’s most powerful and most legendary brand, no doubt about it. Proud to be a fan of this great marque. Forza Ferrari!!!!!

  • maserati123

    VIVA FERRARI.I am your greatest supporter EVER.All my cars have Ferrari srickers.My Range Rover,Maserati Grand Sport,and my Fiat Abarth 500.Even my laptop, and my kitchen is in RED.

  • karlich

    I stand corrected!

  • karlich

    I “realize”. I actually looked at the rankings by said brand valuation agency and was confused because the numbers didn’t relay the same message as the news release the same agency released in the news blurb linked below by GP247. To be fair, I realize these guys have far more insight in market and brand analysis than I do, and I am sure Ferrari have a stellar brand value. Then again, the report hardly reveals the objective metrics used in evaluating the brand value of these brands. Sure, I love Ferrari. I would love to own or at least touch a Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta (possibly the prettiest car ever). Does that add brand value? No! I love Red Bull. Will I get a can of Red Bull? Yup, bet you I will and not only because I like the “unhealthy” fizzy drink, but also because I can afford to support that brand and what they market / stand for (fully aware that it’s just marketing). So Ferrari doesn’t get to monetize on my brand affiliation while Red Bull do and if we’re talking about brand value, than what greater value is there than the capital value? Same goes for Apple and similar companies that are far more reachable, affordable and realizable as a brand than Ferrari. If nothing else, would Ferrari have been such a valuable and revered brand, it wouldn’t have required Fiat rescuing them. Anyway, just my thoughts. Would be interesting to see how these analysts come up with these statements.

  • Lyn Min

    hmm…please don’t forget that Ferrari also sells stuff other than cars (you can actually see some of it on the right sidebar: :P)
    and those items is what makes people aware of the brand Ferrari (not only due to their legendary status in motorsports).
    i actually bought a stroller for my kid, bags, caps and shoes (for the whole

  • Forza Ferrari

    Stop talking gibberish and be happy that Ferrari is the most powerful brand, it’s a well-deserved place and everything is correct. The legend of Ferrari was set in stone already in 1929 so don’t give me that “Fiat rescuing them” nonsense! Ferrari has always been one of the most popular and loved brand. And here’s some good advice for ya, don’t buy that can of Red Bull vile piss, it’ll give you a severe diarrhea and nothing else.

  • Forza Ferrari

    People buy those things exactly because of Ferrari’s legendary status in motorsports and not the other way around. All great sports teams sell fan items on the side. What do you think that Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man United don’t sell fan stuff? Yes they do! And does that change anything? No, it certainly doesn’t! People love those teams because of their football achievements just as people also love Ferrari because of it’s legendary motorsport achievements and because of the beautiful, fast cars they make. People are aware of the brand Ferrari because of its status in motorsport and exotic cars, not because of the caps and shirts that the fans can buy from the store. This fan merchandise is just a great way for the fans to feel closer to their favorite teams/brands. Surely you already knew all this? Otherwise you’re just incredibly ignorant.

  • Michel Weij

    @maserati123 – that’s so sad in so many ways…

  • karlich

    Maybe I didn’t express myself clearly – it’s good with me that Ferrari are the most powerful brand. Sure, the legend of Ferrari continues to spark admiration in everyone of us, no matter where we hail from, no matter whether rich or poor, F1 fanatic or not – seeing a Ferrari will simply put you under its magic spell. However, I referred to brand VALUE. Ferrari may capitalize marginally on their brand strength by selling branded merchandise to the many people who admire them – but that’s hardly going to add substantial income to their core business. Brands like Apple or even Red Bull may not have the power of Ferrari, but for what their brands are worth, they can capitalize on their brand recognition immediately by selling their actual product – not some caps and shirts. As a company, I’d probably prefer latter.

  • karlich

    Don’t get upset ;-) I just never was a Ferrari guy. If I look at modern Ferrari road cars, they actually do leave me pretty cold. Just doesn’t get my blood boiling. An old Ferrari, well that’s a different story. But then again, looking at the iconic 250 GT Berlinetta, 7 years earlier Fiat came out with the similar looking beauty, the 8V Zagato. Or the BMW 507 also gets me drooling. How about the AC Ace (before Shelby made a monster out of it)? I could think of at least 10 more cars preceding the Berlinetta that had similar iconic shapes and style and so, to me at least, the Ferrari marque doesn’t seem that revered at once. Ah but you may say a Ferrari is special. Well yeah, but you always get the few odd folk who find something else to be far more special. I guess I am one of those few odd ones who simply don’t get all excited over Ferrari – not their cars, not their racing heritage, not the man himself. I simply prefer other cars, other racing lore and different heroes of the circuits.

    Regarding the Fiat “rescue” – well, opinions may differ. Enzo didn’t want to give up control of Ferrari racing, but the company itself needed a powerful ally. Ford fell through and in came Fiat. And in 2008 they just grabbed an even larger stake amidst rumors that Ferrari was in financial trouble and facts such as employee layoffs. Being popular and loved doesn’t equate in favorable balance sheets. But hey, last year they reported record profits and with the hypercar industry being the only automotive sector on the rise, Ferrari are all set to thrive for many years to come ;-)

    As for drinking Red Bull – thanks for the advice, but given my otherwise pretty healthy diet, a can of Red Bull “vile ****” won’t be the end of me ;-)