Red Bull and Renault deny Formula 1 split reports

Renault, Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel have wrapped up five consecutive F1 titles

Renault, Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel have wrapped up four consecutive F1 titles

Red Bull and Renault have denied reports that the reigning Formula 1 World Champions could split, amid a problem packed start to the 2014 season.

Together, after Sebastian Vettel won the last nine grands prix of 2013, Red Bull and Renault are now embroiled in a technical crisis after the new V6 ‘Power Unit’ struggled just to run in the rear of Adrian Newey’s RB10.

The dasastrous testing sessions at Jerez triggered reports that Red Bull is on the lookout for a new engine supplier.

Reports have emerged that Cosworth, without a customer for the 2014 season, has completed its turbo V6 engine prototype – a design that will not be raced this year.

The wilder reports claim that Red Bull could take over the project and run its own engines for 2015.

Red Bull RB10 launch at Jerez

Red Bull RB10 launch at Jerez

When asked about the split up reports, Renault Sport’s Remi Taffin told Sport Bild: “I know nothing about that.

“We are currently working very closely with Red Bull, and several teams of [Red Bull engineers are even at our base in Viry and working on the integration of the power unit and chassis.”

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko also told the German publication: “We have a long term contract with Renault, which is of course linked with our results on the track.

“Nevertheless, we are not going to panic, and are making a joint effort to solve the problems.”

World Champion Vettel also sounded calm about the current situation, whilst admitting that he hopes to finally get up to speed this week in Bahrain.

“Of course the Jerez test did not go the way we wanted,” he said. “Other teams did a lot more kilometres and that was important because we are talking about completely new technology.

“But it’s better to have the problems in testing than at the races.

“Hopefully the situation in Bahrain will already be better, and I’ll have a car not only that goes reliably around the track, but that I can use at full throttle.” (GMM)

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