Brundle slams Villeneuve for F1 criticism

Jacques Villeneuve and Martin Brundle

Jacques Villeneuve and Martin Brundle

Martin Brundle has taken issue with Jacques Villeneuve, after the 1997 Formula 1 World Champion dissed the sport’s new V6 turbo engine era.

As his new foray in the world rallycross series was launched last week, 42-year-old French Canadian Villeneuve slammed not only Formula 1’s new ‘greener’ guise, he also denounced the drivers of 2014 as “mediocre”.

“(It) angers me when ex Formula 1 drivers stick a boot into Formula 1 for publicity,” Brundle, now a highly-respected commentator for British television, wrote on Twitter, without referring to Villeneuve by name.

“They had privileged chances, success, cash. Give something positive back,” he added. (GMM)

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  • GPhero

    All Villeneuve said was the truth. And if Brundle wasn’t speaking his mind on TV at every F1 race he would be the one seeking attention…

  • War

    Villeneuve is a hack who hit the jackpot with a dominant Williams, then fell into obscurity when he went to a middle run team in BAR. He hammered Button verbally when Jenson joined BAR, and Button subsequently consistently outscored him. Then a very new Massa wiped the floor with him at Sauber. He ultimately got booted out of F1 when BMW took out Sauber and saw him for the hack he really was. Why do the media give this guy the time of day to air his ego driven ridiculous opinions.

  • Grumpy

    I bet there’s a ton of people out there that agree with JV . . . F1 has become a game not a sport.

  • T.C.

    Describing Villeneuve as a hack is a bit harsh. After all he was an Indy car Rookie of the year and then Indy champion a year later and also an Indy 500 Champion before he even joined the F1 Ranks. (plus he was signed by Frank Williams because he was extremely fast it was not a lucked jackpot opportunity) He almost won the F1 championship in his Maiden year for Williams – a feat his accomplished in his second year – The unfortunate thing for Villenuve was that he joined F1 at his peak, but his biggest mistake was wasting his best years trying to develop the BAR team with his manager Craig Pollock.

    I have to agree with what JV has said though. When F2 cars can lap faster than F1 cars then F1 is no longer the pinnacle of the four wheel racing. Also where’s the skill in overtaking when chasing F1 drivers can now rely on DRS and KERS technology to make that passing move for them. Where’s the counter-balance to this ? What response does a defending driver have to this technology, when all he can make is one defensive move?
    This is completely unnatural racing. The FIA sacrificed real racing skill for the spectacle of overtaking. F1 is now….Whacky racers

  • ninjamonk

    Since its been such a big rule reset maybe they should of removed DRS to see if it was needed this year. I do kinda agree with Brundle about ex drivers moaning about the state of the sport each year.

  • Spartacus

    That’s so true!

  • John Eightoheight

    The one thing I liked about Villeneuve was that he always seemed to say what he thought, irrelevant of the consequences. He was a racer and loved racing, I agree with everything he has said. Brundle needs to keep his job so he will always toe the company line.

    I miss the days when the fastest car that can get around the track and not crash was the winner. The whole point of Formula one is to see the most advanced cars in the world go as fast as possible. If I want fuel saving energy efficient technology I watch endurance racing.

    I loved the pit stops, the fuel strategies (not fuel saving) and drivers not worrying about having to use multiple compounds of premature wearing tyres. The best drivers pushed the limits of themselves and the cars and it was pure racing.

    I wouldn’t say the rule changes have completely ruined my love of F1, it’s just not as exciting for me as it used to me, might be just me though.

    There is nothing “green” about a massive travelling circus of cars flying all over the world and using some parts once and throwing them away, and burning through hundreds of tyres on a weekend. It has to be one of the most environmentally evil sports around, and I’m alright with that. It is what it is and these environmental initiatives are not going to change much.

  • John Eightoheight

    Irrelevant if you like him or not, is Villeneuve wrong here? Again I don’t know what your thoughts are with the changes in F1 but what Villeneuve said was spot on.

    Just because you don’t like him, doesn’t mean he is wrong.

  • Hawk

    well written.. apart from the last paragraph
    i also miss the fuel strategies where you would not know how much fuel a qualifier had. i recall in 2009 when the RB used to take pole with the heaviest fuel load! initially no one would believe it until it pitted last in the first stint.