Lewis swaps Mercedes F1 car for moped and ride through Rome with Nicole on Valentine’s Day

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger in Rome

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger in Rome

The on-off Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger love affair appears to be very much back on as the Mercedes driver was spotted zooming around Rome on Vespa during a Valentine Day’s splurge with the former Pussycat Doll passenger clinging on for the ride.

Sunday People published pictures of the two love-birds clearly enjoying their Roman escapade, all but confirming reports that the pair are back on track, with marriage very much a possibility – both are apparently keen to tie the knot and put an end to the uncertainty that has affected their relationship over the years.

Vespa ride through Rome

Vespa ride through Rome

A friend of the couple is quoted saying, “During the time Lewis and Nicole spent apart, he was absolutely ­distraught and he said that if he ever got her back he would never let her go. He adores Nicole. They are so in love. Their circle of friends think that now that they’re back together they will be married within months.”

After the last break up with the pop singer Hamilton said, “What I have decided to do this year is just focus on the most important thing and that’s racing.”

“Of course I accept that my personal life is in the domain but I’d rather just focus on racing. But things are good. So I’m happy.”

Nicole Scherzinger with Lewis Hamilton at the 2013 Malaysian GP

Nicole Scherzinger with Lewis Hamilton at the 2013 Malaysian GP

“But it is a priority for me to create that atmosphere around myself because it’s a happy bubble where you are happy with your friends and family and the people you love most,” he added.

Hamilton will be back in action for Mercedes at the forthcoming Bahrain testing, starting on 19 February with the first grand prix in Melbourne less than a month later, on 16 March. (GP247)

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  • Tamburello1994

    Dogs nowhere to be found now.

    If he’s focused as he says and Merc delivers – Lookout.

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    They fully deserve each other!

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    Bubbleboy does it again! :D

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    I heard the dog is going over to RBR… LOL

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    No but really.. who cares? you want to hear about my trip to Italy? or my scootering around the isle of Krete?

    I thought so..

  • =El Presidente=

    Im guessing with the salary of Mr Hamilton, having a dog does not come with the same responsibility ;)

    =graps leash again to go out with his dog= xD

  • McLarenfan

    So he has now got a happy bubble like Jenson had and he wanted. No dogs insight and his pussycat clinging to him (on the bike). Also there is this Factor Lewis asked her not to go back to the XFactor last year she still did the show were as this “Simon Cowell has confirmed Nicole Scherzinger will not be back on the UK X Factor this year” I think makes the difference now they are a sweet couple again. Nicole is 35 years (June 29, 1978) Lewis is 29 I can see her wanting to get hitched soon she often hinted it when he was at McLaren then they would fall out again.

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    Difference is el president is you are a nobody so no one cares

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    The difference is that some people are more interested in the gossip rather than the sport! WTF cares if he’s riding a Vespa with a chic behind him or flying a bloody concorde!
    All said, am glad for lewis and hope that this ‘balance’ in his life will reflect in his on-track performance.

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