Ecclestone daughters lavish lifestyles also lead to court

Omar Kyhami, Petra Ecclestone, Bernie Ecclestone, Tamara Ecclestone and James Stunt at the 2011 Monaco GP

L to R: Omar Kyhami, Petra Ecclestone, Bernie Ecclestone, Tamara Ecclestone and James Stunt at the 2011 Monaco GP

Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone’s socialite daughters Petra and Tamara, like their father, are also embroiled in headline grabbing court cases.

Last month Tamara  lost a custody battle with ex-boyfriend Omar Khyami over a $500,000 Lamborghini Aventador, after a judge ruled she was wrong to try to reclaim the supercar which she had given to him  for his 38th birthday in 2012.

Khyami later used the gift to pay the outstanding balance on a Bentley he had bought for Tamara.

The BBC reports that aspokesman for the socialite said that she was “disappointed by the verdict” and maintained that the car was “never intended to be a gift”.

“The judge was correct when he said the car had been more trouble than its worth and this has been a difficult time for Tamara and her family,” he said.

Justice Dingemans added, “Ecclestone’s conduct was wrongful and interfered with the title and possession by Elite and Ansol by interfering with sales made by Elite and Ansol, and by removing the car, and by preventing dealings with the proceeds of the sale of the car.”

More recently Petra Stunt (nee Ecclestone) is suing a once trusted friend who was in charge of restoring her $125 million Chelsea mansion, claiming he pilfered nearly $2 million into his private bank accounts.

In February 2012, 25 year old Petra bought one of London’s most magnificent townhouses, Sloane House, for $85 million, allocating a budget of $30 million to renovate the property and appointed friend Paul Fleury to oversee lavish renovations.

The BBC reported that last year it had been discovered that Fleury – a friend who had worked for them for the past seven years and was paid $8,500 a month to manage the renovation work – was allegedly forging invoices from companies that did not exist and paying them into bank accounts controlled by him.

Fleury says that his payments had been verbally agreed with Petra and that they were “commissions” – a claim denied by the Ecclestones.

Fleury helped to renovate and restore eight family properties, he said, including one in Switzerland. He told The Mail on Sunday that he had considered himself a “family friend” and had attended Petra’s wedding.

He added, “It’s a complicated story. I am surprised the Ecclestone family want this coming to court.”

A spokesman for Petra said, “As this is before the courts at present, we cannot comment.”

Meanwhile Papa Ecclestone, who is 83, has been ordered to stand trial in Germany in a case relating to the sale of a stake in Formula 1 in 2005-06. He has denied wrongdoing in a complex case that has seen a German banker jailed for tax evasion. (GP247)

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  • TheDudeson

    You have to wonder what F1 teams think when they see where ‘their’ money ends up…

  • Mellow Jessica

    I don’t know them but I dislike Bernie’s daughters intensely, and I shamelessly envy their wealth.

    The fact that they live seemingly (only) to consume conspicuously, and do nothing remotely worthwhile (public or otherwise) to support those less fortunate than themselves just makes it easier to loathe them. Geeze, they don’t even support an animal shelter for abandoned celebrity pets (like Bieber’s monkey, or Paris Hilton’s stupid dog(s))!

    I don’t think I hate them, since that would require actually having some concept of who they are as people beyond the media caricatures, but yeah, i definitely envy their wealth, celebrity and their good fortune to have been born of Bernie’s greedy (gross, shriveled) seed.

    But they’re not even pretty, even if their mum was a hot model, that will never compensate for how gross Bernie is.