Schumacher family continues to strongly believe in Michael’s recovery

Michael Schumaacher and his wife Corinna in 2005

Ex Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher is still in the wake-up phase from an artificial coma at a Grenoble hospital, his agent said on Thursday.

The 45-year-old German has undergone two operations since sustaining brain injuries by slamming his head on a rock while skiing  in the French Alps resort of Meribel on Dec. 29

The German great was listed as being in a stable but critical condition until late January and doctors started lowering his sedation level two weeks ago to wake him up progressively.

“Often in such situations no day is like the next. The family is thankful for [everyone’s] understanding that they do not wish to disclose medical details in order to protect Michael’s privacy,” Schumacher’s spokesperson Sabine Kehm said in a statement.


“As assured from the beginning, we will continue to communicate any decisive new information on Michael’s health state. We are aware that the wake-up phase can take a long time.

“The family continues to strongly believe in Michael’s recovery and place all their trust in the doctors…the important thing is not the speed of the recovery but that Michael’s healing process progresses in a continuous and controlled way.”

Schumacher, who quit the sport in 2012 after a disappointing three-year comeback with Mercedes following an earlier retirement from Ferrari at the end of 2006, won a record 91 grands prix. (Reuters)

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  • Tamburello1994

    You would think some of those “fans” that have been – over the days and weeks – demanding answers and explanations would be here now to at least say thank you for this official resetting of the narrative. Hmm.

    Anyway, Glad to see the family still in good spirits at least publicly. Still got fingers x’ed for good results. Keep up the fight MSC.

  • Resultant Asteroid

    News about Michael is the only reason I log on to this site, specially that it looks like we are in an early “silly season” anyway.