Minardi: Red Bull are exploring a possible change of F1 engine for 2015

Formula One World Championship, Rd 5, Spanish Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Barcelona, Spain, Saturday 21 May 2011.

World Champion Formula 1 team Red Bull could be on the market for a new engine supplier, in the wake of a problematic start to the 2014 season and the new V6 turbo era.

That is the claim  of ex-Formula 1 team owner Gian Carlo Minardi, whose former team, still Faenza based, but now called Toro Rosso, is owned by the energy drink company.

Out of troubled engine supplier Renault’s four Formula 1 partners, including Toro Rosso, the senior Red Bull team managed the least mileage of all at the recent Jerez test.

Minardi, however, observed that – officially – the Red Bull-owned teams are sending out messages of “tranquillity and calm” about what many others believe is a crisis.

“According to circulating information, the situation seems more difficult than that and not easy to solve,” the 66-year-old wrote in a post in Italian, on his website.


“It seems that Red Bull are exploring a possible change of engine for 2015,” added Minardi.

He said he has also heard that Renault, struggling to solve the obvious problems with its turbo V6 ‘Power Unit’, has gone beyond the walls of its Viry factory and is now “shopping” around for technical fixes.

“That has practically never happened before as, quite rightly, Renault has always sought to preserve its technology,” said Minardi.

“This news can only feed suspicions of structural problems in the engine that are not easy to solve in the short term.

“Obviously, I hope to be proved wrong as soon as the testing in Bahrain, but undoubtedly we are living through a chaotic time in Formula 1,” he added. (GMM)

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  • http://batman-news.com BRIT MEDIA AT IT AGAIN

    Would be healthy for F1.
    If it were true, I hope they find closed doors at Mercedes and Ferrari and have to go with Honda with McLaren being Honda’s works car. I remember PURE also wanted Red Bull to go with them.
    But this is all wishfull thinking to destabilise Red bull even more. Kicking them while they are down.

  • =El Presidente=

    yes but that’s why our feet are so down below 😉 to kick easy when pray is on the ground 😉 it is just prehistoric instinct.. and im not pretending to be stronger than nature xD

  • =El Presidente=

    But seriously, i cannot believe that RB would leave Renault after one dreadful year. although, if Renault can not convince them of a better 2015 (if 2014 turn out to be a flop) they might look over their borders.

    Also if the Renault engines are really underperforming they wil lprobably be allowed to devellop their engine (like they did before with at the start of the V8’s when the renaults where also something like 80BHP down, .. because… Renault..and baquettes)

  • AlexL

    Red Bull Honda please

  • Tamburello1994

    Wow, one bad test and people are out on the ledge ready to jump. Amateurs. Can we at least wait until the flag drops in Melbourne before we start drawing conclusions?

    What do you think testing is for?

  • thinking outaloud

    minardi dribbles s..t , remember he accused them of traction control too , where did that get him . jealous old fool me thinks.

  • AlexL

    In a perfect world testing would be far less limited and cheap to do.

  • Ronnie

    Red Bull have GOT to look at Honda, obviously.

  • Adam Manning

    Honda is too big a risk… They’ll either have to buy out Marussia’s Ferrari contract (and give them the Renault supply) or take over the vacant Mercedes supply McLaren won’t need.

    In fact, the more I think it through though, Switching to Ferrari instead of Marussia would free Marussia up to be McLaren’s junior squad (they already have a tech and facilties sharing deal) and take up a Honda Engine supply.

  • ahtlam

    AJN hate for RB is obvious. This journalist is a shame for this site. Your own opinion and the dirty reports can be sparred. Get serious and put your hate for RB aside.

  • http://www.grandprix247.com GP247

    AJN does not write the reports – he sub-edits them…

  • hahaha

    They will be doomed to coswortn or building their own. Never will Ferrari, Merc and Honda sell their engine to the tin can company, NEVER. Maybe audi, vw will but they have 0 experience in F1. Hahaha

  • hahaha

    Adam Manning you really think you will ever see a Ferrari engine in that tin can? They will respond like Newey did when they asked him, NO! Ferrari knows tifosi will never accept that kind of a scam. Red bull can have Alonso from me let him prove that he heavily overrated.

  • hahaha

    Ronnie you talk the same as Vettel, obviously!

  • Hawk

    lol El Presidente

  • Hawk

    maybe he was underpaid when selling Torro Rosso

  • karlich

    I heard that Mateschitz is interested in buying the commercial rights of former Steyr-Daimler-Puch and is seeking to re-ignite the once great Austrian engine manufacturing industry. His trusty advisory Dr. Helmut Marko stated “Didi is tired of being called a tin can man, he wants to take on Mercedes”. Some locals of the greater Graz area in Styria, Austria, reported that the ongoing construction work on the Red Bull circuit seems like a cover up for a much larger operation – possibly a high tech automotive factory being built by the Red Bull billionaire. Meanwhile Christian Horner and Adrain Newey, in a joint interview held in a secret location, admitted that they are “in favour of in-house power unit engineering” so that Adrian doesn’t need to compromise on his designs.

    Yeah, that’s what I heard folks. Of course, I also heard that Red Bull have a new button on the steering wheels for 2014 labeled the “CB” – paddock rumors half-jokingly named the mysterious button the “Cheat Button”.

    Okay… beat that Giancarlo Minardi 😉

  • karlich

    p.s. GP247… now can I write for you?

  • Dr. Azlan

    Red Bull should use Toyota or BMW engine. They need an exclusive supplier, something like the McLaren-Honda deal.

  • KevinW

    I bet Red Bull and Renault are thrilled with Minardi speaking for them. This clown is a bit too obsessed with Red Bull. Just a few months ago he threw them into a storm of speculation about traction control that did not exist. Now he’s off the reservation about the works relationship with Renault breaking down? Perhaps his relationship with Ferrari is coloring his hate, or he just enjoys playing the role of antagonist by spewing whatever fiction pops into his mind. I’m guessing seeing a team realize in a few short years what he was never able to accomplish a bit galling, and is now playing the bitter and angry old man screaming at kids to get off his lawn.

  • Boycottthebull

    Im surprised red Bull dont build their own engines actually. How many people can afford 2 teams and their own race circuit. In house engine making would be the next step. Cosworth is hard up for a buck right now and that could be absorbed into Red Bull. they have been known to build a decent motor when they have enough cash. They wont ever shake the Tin Can jibes though as thats who Red Bull really is. Maybe if they start making limited sports cars like McLaren that may boost their image. Would you drive a Red Bull labelled car on the road though? It would just seem like permanent advertising.

  • Tamburello1994

    The “tin cans” have been kicking everybody’s else can for four straight years. No “image boosting” needed.

    Quite the contrary – seems other teams need the image booster being they let little old Red Bull show them up.

  • karlich

    People are know to have driven far worse… cars labeled Mitsubishi “Pajero”

    – latter meaning “the sort who play with themselves for sexual relief” in Spanish slang 😉 How about the Mazda LaPuta… go figure 😛 Would you drive a Hummer? 😀 Well, you get my point…

  • karlich

    Besides, I believe it would be far more likely for Nissan (aka Infiniti) to jump in to the game rather than having Red Bull go their own way. Even that is less likely than them just sticking with Renault. We shall see.

  • karlich

    BMW and Toyota don’t exactly have a great record in F1.

  • Ajmobileguru

    BMW V10 engines were the best of the era. Even better than the Ferrari ones in my opinion.

  • Rockie

    All this noise would calm down if Renault turn up with something spectacular at next test, I suspect there would be a lot of tears come Melbourne!

  • Resultant Asteroid

    You are preaching on Mars, man :-)
    Anyone who understands anything about business and strategies will immediately remember that deals are not made based on emotions. RB and Renault’s alliance stood well in bad times, until they enjoyed 4 consecutive years of domination. They are not going to fall apart because Renault’s engine is not reliable during winter testing, not even if it costs them the first few races, in my opinion.
    I also am shocked some people still think Mr. Vettel’s_car_only_may_be_running_Traction_Control is anything but a media button in LdM’s Office desk.

  • keaaukeli

    Infinity and Nissan and Renault are one in the same.

  • Tamburello1994

    Great comments “RA”, thanks.

  • Tamburello1994

    Watch this space.

  • AlexL

    Yeah, cause the last teams to use Toyota and BMW engines were treated so well.

  • AlexL

    I agree they were amazing, but believe the Honda V10 ended that era on top, just hobbled by a lousy chassis

  • KevinW

    Not true. They share in a purchasing alliance to leverage suppliers, but on no other level are they even remotely one in the same.

  • keaaukeli

    Well according to Carlos Ghosn who is the Chairman and CEO of the Nissan Renault Alliance, has compared the Renault–Nissan partnership to a marriage: “A couple does not assume a converged, single identity when they get married. Instead, they retain their own individuality and join to build a life together, united by shared interests and goals, each bringing something different to the union. In business, regardless of the industry, the most successful and enduring partnerships are those created with a respect for identity as the constant guiding principle.”
    Sounds like one and the same to me.

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  • KevinW

    They don’t need to boost their image. Regardless of a few social media detractors in F1, they are already globally recognized as major players, influencers and valued contributors to motorsport. Literally hundreds of teams, thousands of drivers over hundred of events – You can’t swing a dead cat at any level of professional (as well as many forms of amateur) motorsport (not to mention dozens of other sports without motors) and not hit something Red Bull has funded, labeled or promoted. Why on earth would they waste billions making a few sports cars for rich dweebs who have no connection to their brand or engines for a sport heading headlong into irrelevance? They just need Renault to get past this rough spot… which they are very likely to do, negating the Minardi “observation” completely.

  • KevinW

    How can it be construed that they remain independent entities, sharing interests as one and the same? Daimler is also in the strategic mix, so are they included as the same? These alliances do not constitute a merger, so its possible for each to pursue their own agenda and technical path independent of the others, so, not one in the same, as has been stated by the CEO in his statements, which why he favors his own replacement being two CEO’s, one for each of the two entities. The point being, if it is found in the mutual best interests of Renault and Nissan, Infinity could offer its own F1 engine package at some point. It’s unlikely, but not impossible.

  • Resultant Asteroid

    Ur welcome.
    BTW, In my opinion, U r on top of the (sadly) minority who actually use their minds (not their blind emotions towards the drivers/teams they support) before commenting here.

  • Tamburello1994

    Oh god. we’re doomed.


  • Resultant Asteroid

    nooooo … there is always hope :-))