Raikkonen partying hard with new flame Minttu who may be pregnant

Minttu and Kimi

Minttu and Kimi on Instagram

According to reports in Finland Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen is deeply in love with new flame Minttu Virtanen, who even accompanied the driver secretly to races last year, and speculation in Finland is that the stewardess may be pregnant.

Officially referred to as Raikkonen’s ‘new friend’ she has been well disguised as part of the Finn’s entourage since the pair started dating last year in June. By all accounts the Iceman is finally going steady again!

Last year it emerged that Raikkonen had split from ex-wife Jenni Dahlmann, the former Miss Scandinavia to whom he was married for eight years.

Finnish media having a field day with the Kimi and Minttu story

Finnish media having a field day with the Kimi and Minttu story

According to reports in Finland  the affair looks to be serious as Minttu has moved in to Raikkonen’s multi -million dollar luxury villa on the Finnish island of Kaskisaari.

Minttu recently posted on Instagram a picture of her with Raikkonen during a skiing holiday, and over the past month Finnish media have published photos of the pair together partying, smoking and drinking at various celebrity clubs in Helsinki.

But it has not all been plain sailing for the love-birds. In November Raikkonen celebrated Minttu’s birthday party at a restaurant in Teatteri , where the lovers got into an argument during the course of the evening. The fight escalated into a shouting match, which resulted in Raikkonen leaving, upon which Minttu continued to celebrate her birthday with her mates.

Kimi with Minttu

Kimi with Minttu

Minttu is well known for having a short temper, while Raikkonen is famous for being laid back and hassle free. Nevertheless rumours doing the rounds in Finland is that Minttu is already pregnant, which would suit Raikkonen who is known for his fondness for children

In November last year Raikkonen signed to rejoin Ferrari for the 2014 season and has impressed Team Principal Stefano Domenicali with his new approach.

The Italian team boss said, “I have found a more mature Kimi, more closely knit to the team. He comes to Maranello almost every week to work with the engineers.” (GP247)

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  • chrill

    And here I was thinking Minttu was referring to the brand of Finnish mint liquor.

  • Tamburello1994

    I’d be having back problems too.

  • symanski

    I thought F1 drivers were supposed to trade up with each new girlfriend? Personally, I’d have kept Jenni Dahlman; serously hot.

  • Boycottthebull

    And Ferrari this week were just trying to spin how more mature and dedicated Kimi was implying his party hard days were over. Now we know why he only shows up on race days and leaves it to others to develop his car. With Alonso not stepping into a simulator either I wonder who their cars are going to be set up for?

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    So the news that she may be pregnant is based on… what? The fact that she’s partying hard? Isn’t that a sign that someone is NOT pregnant?

  • Rockie

    KImi and Vettel so much alike keep their private lives private, considering she was at some races with him and no one knew!

  • k400

    We want a little Kimi !

  • playster

    hahahaa, true…

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    hahahaa, true…

  • TT

    It has been on the news in different media that Kimi drove the simulator on at least two occations, one som days before the first testing in Jerez and another just a couple of days ago.