Pujolar rates pure fighter Maldonado very highly

Pastor Maldonado Williams talks with Xevi Pujolar

Pastor Maldonado Williams talks with Xevi Pujolar

Ex-Williams Chief Race Engineer Xevi Pujolar compares Pastor Maldonado to Juan Pablo Montoya and says that the two South American drivers impressed him the most during his tenure with the Grove based squad.

Pujolar told El Confidencial, “I have always said that Pastor and Montoya have impressed me the most. I worked with [Mark] Webber, Ralf Schumacher…but for me they were not the same.”

“Pastor and Montoya are pure fighters. But Pastor has also shown that he is fast and I think that he is often underestimated,” mused Pujolar.

“I had a blind understanding with Pastor, he would articulate very well when he came off track and began to talk about the car. I immediately figured out his reaction and knew what was going on in the car. After analyzing the data, it was clear he was right. Yes, this was impressive.”

Montoya spent 2001 to 2004 with Williams, while Pujolar has joined Toro Rosso and Maldonado has moved to Lotus for 2015 and beyond. (GP247)

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  • Hawk

    good. a breath of fresh air

  • McLarenfan

    He may have speed but he is also dangerous and at times psychotic he needs major mind management

  • A41202813GMAIL

    A Lot Of People Want Him To Fail.

    Lets See If A Good LOTUS Proves Them Wrong.


  • Mellow Jessica

    well if that is the case, do you not support his receiving sports psychological services?

    If Grosjean can be ‘treated’ for *his* “psychotic” behavior and be virtually ‘cured’ thanks to Lotus, why not Maldonado? And Pastor is already a grand prix winner, unlike Grosjean and most of the non-World CHampions on the grid…

  • McLarenfan

    Yes I do think he needs psychological help and it may well go a long way to straitening his mind set yes he has won a Grand Prix but he was also Banned For Life after almost killing a marshal at Monaco.

    “Maldonado had already been banned for the next four races in the World Series by Renault championship for the incident when he failed to slow for a crash during practice however, organisers of the Monaco Grand Prix thought it wise to ban him for life.Shortly after the ban, mr. Hugo Chavez, close friend of Pastor, put pressure on Monaco authorities to withdraw this penalty, converting it into a huge monetary fine”.
    Grosjean Had to learn not to try and win on the first corner and to improve his timing he has now relaxed and with the birth of his child, Romain has upped his game and earned respect from the team and drivers Crashdonardo may well turn it around but if not he is an accident just choosing his moment

  • McLarenfan

    Aggressive racers are not what I am against. Racers who go for the overtake and not in a normal place but they do it and it works i feel are the seat of the pants racers with natural driving abilities Lewis, Kimi and Kamui are just 3 who are aggressive but not an accident waiting to happen again.
    If lotus manage to fix him I say go get it done and he may just do the job without killing or maiming another person.