McLaren style wishbone wings to be tested by other teams in Bahrain

The McLaren MP4-29 with wishbone wings circled

The McLaren MP4-29 with wishbone wings circled

Post Jerez, one of the biggest Formula 1 technical talking points has been the clever rear suspension solution seen on the back of the McLaren MP4-9. Now, a number of teams are expected to try their own versions of the concept.

The ‘wishbone wings’ were described by our tech corespondent Matthew Somerfield: “The suspension layout utilised by McLaren is another great interpretation of the regulations with the rear suspension elements made to replicate the outgoing beam wing in terms of the way the airflow operates in that region.”

“The idea is to simulate the same flow pattern that allowed the beam wing to interact with the airflow structures generated by both the diffuser and upper rear wing elements.” Read full analysis here>>>

Rival teams have shown interest in the concept, and it is expected that different versions of the solution will be trialed on some of the 2014 cars when testing resumes in Bahrain next week.

Williams engineer Rod Nelson said after Jerez, “They have been quite ‘cute’ with the regulations, the rear part of the wishbones have a kind of dog leg in them so that they can kind of get these surfaces on the trailing edges. I would imagine that they are trying to make the diffuser work better.”

“There are a few bits and pieces [from other teams] that I am sure will be in the wind tunnel. McLaren’s rear suspension is a stand-out example of that and if we think the FIA will deem that to be legal, then we would be remiss to not try it in the tunnel,” explained Nelson.

Ferrari technical guru James Allison said, “I haven’t seen [the wishbone wings] in the flesh, but I would like to see a bit more of it because it does interest me.” (GP247)

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  • Robin Ducker

    The question is, if it is that easy to duplicate, then why did they show it now? furthermore they indicated before reveal that they had something unusual….sounds like a game to me and i wonder if McLaren are trying to suck some competitors into a trap. just because they say the FIA will pass it isnt the same as the FIA saying it…