Whiting: The cars passed the crash tests, so we have to live with how they look

Charlie Whiting

Charlie Whiting

FIA Race Director and head of the F1 Technical Department Charlie Whiting has hinted that the eyesore anteater style nose cones may not last beyond the 2014 season, but for now we have to get used to them.

Whiting told Auto Motor und Sport, “What concerns us is if [the nose cones] fulfill the purpose that we intended with the rules. We wanted to reduce the risk of the cars lifting in a rear-end collision.”

“All the designs have passed the relevant crash tests, and fulfill the letter of the law. As long as the construction is not dangerous, we have to live with the fact that the nose cones look the way they look.”

“We have acted in good faith, but we are not designers. They want to flow as much air as possible under the car and thus reduce everything that stands in the way.”

Not pretty

Not pretty

Whiting hinted at possible changes for 2015 saying, “For example we can ensure more symmetry by not only mandating a maximum deviation for the first 150 mm of crush zone, but also imposing a minimum one.”

“We can also ensure that these surfaces go further back, which on the other hand would avoid the abrupt transitions.”

Fans and drivers alike have lamented the fact that the 2014 Formula 1 cars look downright ugly

Speaking to CNN earlier this month Fernando Alonso said, “They are ugly, yeah. We have to be honest with that, you know, with our fans and ourselves first of all.”

“Probably we will get used to these new aesthetics, let’s say, but the first moment they are not good enough because people look at Formula 1 [for] excellence [in] motor sport, aerodynamics, excellence of performance and technology – and when you see those front parts of the car, it doesn’t look like all the things we’ve been saying [about excellence].” (GP247)

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  • Boycottthebull

    For many months the designers were warning us that the silly new rules meant the cars werent going to be pretty and Whiting did absolutely nothing. It was his total lack of expertise that didnt foresee this disaster due to his rule changes that were basically a knee-jerk reaction to an accident Mark Webber had. If we want to end the ugly cars and idiotic technical specs get rid of Whiting. The guy is a fool.