Pujolar says Williams struggles to adapt to life in F1 midfield

Xevi Pujolar with Pastor Maldonado

Xevi Pujolar with Pastor Maldonado

A senior engineer who departed Williams recently, claims that the team with an illustrious Championship winning history has failed to accept that they are no longer World Champions and struggle to adapt to the fact that they are now a midfielder outfit.

Xevi Pujolar is a long-serving engineer who has quit the team to join Toro Rosso.

“Last year,” he told El Confidencial, “the situation was quite difficult and Williams did not feel right. So I decided to change.

“When Pat Symonds arrived I was fine with it because he is someone with great experience, there were other factors as well. I had spoken several times with Toro Rosso and it looked like a growing team with great potential.”

Spaniard Pujolar, 40, said that part of the problem at Williams was its difficulty in adapting from life at the very front of the grid.

“You have to accept that times are changing and make different plans,” he said. “And accept that you’re not World Champion anymore. But now I think they are making many changes and will improve. Personally, I needed a change of scenery.”

Finally, Pujolar laughed when asked if he would change places with a Renault engineer at present, given the French marque’s current technical troubles.

“I think I’m fine where I am!” he said. (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    What he says is true, Claire Williams just thinks she can run a team just because she has the famous name but has proven she isnt up to the task.

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    The problems started way back when Sam Michael and Adam Parr were given way too much responsibilities. Changing engines every year or so proved a difficulty, obviously.

  • McLarenfan

    Why would they be happy with being low down in the standings!!