Lopez: Maybe our strategy to wait and work at the factory was the better one

Gerard Lopez

Gerard Lopez

Lotus team owner Gerard Lopez has played down suggestions that his Enstone squad is still plagued with financial problems which have been known to be affecting his team for some time.

The team’s problems of late last year, when Kimi Raikkonen went unpaid and crucial negotiations with the Quantum group faltered, are well known.

But Lopez said that the decision not to test the new car at the official pre-season test, at Jerez recently, is not because Lotus had no money.

“We said that there would be some (technical) trouble and it was actually the case,” Lopez, referring to the Red Bull-Renault crisis during the first pre-season test at Jerez, told Infosport Plus.

Maldonado drives the Lotus E22 at Jerez

Maldonado drives the Lotus E22 at Jerez

“I know we had a lot of criticism, that people said that we lack the budget but that is wrong because it cost us the same to go (to Jerez) a week later,” Lopez insisted.

Lotus gave its new E22 a successful rollout at Jerez on Saturday, a week after the other Renault powered teams, notably World Champions Red Bull, faltered so badly.

“Maybe we are better prepared,” said Lopez. “Maybe our strategy to wait and work at the factory was the better one.

“We will see in Bahrain. We will not mention the others, or at least not as much as they mention us.” (GMM)

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  • =El Presidente=

    it cost the same as going to Jerez a week later.. really?!? apart from the fact that Renault paid for it?

    what a silly comment to think it is a good thing not to test because there will be some ‘trouble’, that’s what testing is for, but of course driving around so slow you almost go back in time for a PE is just as good a 4 days of testing. xD