Schumacher not responding to stimuli as awakening continues

Formula One World Championship

Ross Brawn with Michael Schumacher

Two weeks have passed since doctors started the process to wake Michael Schumacher, but the Formula 1 legend remains in a coma.

Bild-Zeitung reports that while the seven time world champion has often presented reflex twitches since the anaesthetic was reduced, Schumacher is still not responding to deliberate stimuli.

However, Bild said thatthe former Mercedes and Ferrari driver’s wife Corinna – who is at his bedside on a daily basis – is following the doctors’ advice by continually talking to the 45-year-old, as there is evidence that this practise can help a patient in Schumacher’s condition.

The report also claimed that the newly-retired Ross Brawn, who worked closely with Schumacher during the German’s Benetton years and ultra-successful Ferrari era, visited the seven time World Champion’s bedside, slipping in almost unnoticed by the media last Thursday, through the staff entrance.

Meanwhile, it is believed that French investigators into the skiing accident are preparing to reveal their findings, with Bild citing ‘legal sources’ in believing that the file will simply be closed. (GMM)

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  • Ankit

    i don’t think doctor will save him . RIP

  • McLarenfan

    That is a heartless comment there is always hope while there is brain activity and life in his body. You have no right to condemn Michael and in print were his wife and children may read it. You owe them a public apology.

  • Nowhereman

    He will recover.
    His body knows when to.

  • Ankit

    i m talking fact . even i want him to recover . but its almost two moths past .

  • Andy

    It may be fact, but you don’t have any tact or class. Use your brain or whatever you call it…

  • Tamburello1994

    Reports here are saying Schumacher is “clinically dead”. That’s what I heard on the local radio station this morning. Tactless as contributor Ankit put it he / she just may be right.

  • Veronica Ailana Usher Cockeril

    Michael is still fighting ‘and he has proved this by still being here with us ‘and i believe he will win through ‘the brain is like the body’s teacher ‘and watcher ‘it will tell Michael to open his eyes ‘only when he is well enough ‘for all the top doctors in the world ‘there is one that leads them all for healing ‘and it is the Brain ‘it tells us to do everything ‘the body is a miracle ‘and Michael cannot be healed by medication or clean dressings ‘injections ect ‘it is the head ‘when the brain is ready ‘Michael will awake ‘he is strong willed ‘and a powerful mind ‘he will Recover ‘especially if Corrina ‘is by his side talking to him ‘he will hear but not respond until ‘the brain says it is right to do so ! Blessings to all the family GodBless and wake Soon Michael ‘the world awaits the Hero ! You will win this Race ‘without doubt ! Still prayers up ‘Blessings down ……..

  • Jan Sidaway

    That was a very silly thing to say. he is a fighter and he will probably make it, as the Doctors said it is going to take time. So please before you make another comment, think before you speak.

  • Jan Sidaway

    This statement has not even come from his Doctors, so as I said before think before you speak, and if you read up on other coma patients, some have been in a coma a lot longer than Michael has been and they have pulled through.

  • Jan Sidaway

    Well said, we have to believe that he will pull through this. It is just going to take some time like the Doctors said

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    That is not fact… That is false accusations..

  • GP247

    We silenced Ankit for life on GP247

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    This is not sounding good at all. I wonder what type of stimuli they use?

  • Krishnamoorthy

    He will return before F1 race .He will hear virrooom Sound